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How to explain two years of gap in Statement of Purpose?

Anu123 1 / -  
Dec 18, 2020   #1

I could not complete my 12th grade

Hi everyone,

I completed my 11th grade in Computer science back in 2017 and after that I had an accident and due to the physical condition I could not complete my 12th after that. I am applying for Diploma in Business intake at a few universities in Australia. The reason I didn't complete my 12th now is because I applied at NIOS but it's taking long time and even though this is not my fault I'm very anxious and worried, I really want to complete my studies and it has always been my dream to go abroad for my studies. While writing the SoP, how should I explain this gap? I kindly request you to help me in this regard.

Thanking you,

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3353  
Dec 18, 2020   #2
The gap year is not a regularly required piece of information in a statement of purpose. The SOP focuses more on the reasons why you wish to study the course based on academic and professional plans. If there is a gap year involved, then it should be a part of either the personal statement or a special circumstances prompt in your application. Make sure you need to discuss it before you include it in your SOP, it could make the SOP less effective since it is not relevant information.

How do you explain it? By being forthright. Just admit the gap year and the reasons behind it. Do not gloss over anything, do not pretend like it doesn't matter. Don't make it appear like it matters too much either. Don't be too worried about it, but don't be nonchalant either. Find the balance between the reasons and tell the reviewer what happened by showing the importance of the gap year to you. It will help if the gap year will be explained as a period of self discovery or self learning. You need to prove that you continued to hone your academic skills somehow during that time instead of procrastinating, which is sometimes what happens to students on a gap year. Specially an extended one like yours.

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