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Fascination with robotics. Statement of purpose ---- Masters in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

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Dec 8, 2022   #1

Statement of purpose

I have always been fascinated by robotics and the potential it holds for the future. Ever since I was a child, I have been intrigued by the idea of machines and their capabilities. My interest in robotics only intensified when my science teacher asked me to join the robotics school team for a science excursion. It was a unique opportunity and I was eager to take part. When I saw my robot taking its shape and coming alive, it felt like a dream come true. I was amazed to see how it could be programmed to function autonomously. From then on, I was hooked. Robotics has come a long way since then, with advances in artificial intelligence and biohybrid robots powered by human heart cells. As exciting as this may sound, it has also caused some to worry about its implications. But the future of robotics is a positive one, and it will bring new and exciting opportunities for employment and education. It is an exciting time for robotics, and I am excited to be part of it.

I had an enriching learning experience throughout my academic studies. I began by developing my fundamentals in Signals and systems, Linear algebra, Objective oriented programming. Towards the end of my program, I picked up specific subjects like control systems engineering, Robotics and automation and Microcontrollers. As a part of research team in our college startup incubator, I completed a project on "Four-legged 12 DOF quadruped robot" where I worked on sensor fusion using EKF and UKF. This research project not only provided me with valuable practical experience but also helped me understand the boundaries of minimum-viable products and how to apply diverse hardware and software engineering skills. To add to my good academic performance, I had an amazing opportunity to get involved in research work. I published the paper "HRI using Machine Learning based Automatic gesture recognition with KLT tracker". I learned the art of effective writing and the nuances of research through this experience.

In the final phase of my bachelor studies, I participated in the 2021 CPS Challenge "Lunar Lander ExoCam - Earth Analog" under the supervision of XXXXX , Head of XXX Laboratory. This event taught me the importance of developing time-efficient systems and integrating them with other processes. In addition to my academic work, I actively participated in the IEEE TEMS, representing them in numerous national contests, primarily ABU Robocon, e-Yantra, and Flipkart Grid. I assumed control as the club's sixth chairperson in my senior year. During my term as chairperson, our team finished in third place team in Flipkart grid 3.0 for developing a multi-robotic system for warehouse automation.

During my last semester, I worked as an intern at XXXX, a startup whose primary focus is on warehouse AMRs with load capacity of 1.5 ton. The adaptive control loop that I designed became a crucial part since it doesn't require frequent tuning of constants for every change of load weight. Multiple robot coordination was a hurdle for us as we developed. To tackle this, I used the Voronoi path planning technique (as the AMR is designed for usage in warehouses) to address this. Voronoi path planning uses a pixel graph and tries to find a path for multiple robots using an extended approach for prioritized planning.

After completing my internship, I took up a job at XXXXX as a Robotics Software Developer in their Autonomous and Undersea Systems Division. This division is engaged in the development of maritime systems such as AUV, ROV, Gliders, and Smart Buoys for defense and inspection purposes. As the chief architect, I worked on various projects in their early stages. I also piloted 3 versions of autonomous underwater vehicles for mine reconnaissance, survey and so on. One of my major projects was designing a modular system that could be installed on any submersible for autonomous navigation. During the development phase, I had the opportunity to work with advanced acoustic and navigation sensors like Sprint-Nav INS, Water-Linked A50 DVL, SBG Eclipse AHRS and CMAX Side Scan Sonar, and also in the processing of SSS for detecting MLO (mine like objects). I am currently leading a team on a research project aiming to localize the robot in an unknown underwater environment using simultaneous localization and mapping. One of the biggest challenges we faced was the magnetic interference from high power lines that caused the low-level micro controller (STM32f7) to malfunction. After extensive research, we were able to counter this issue using galvanic isolators like SSR and Isolated Dc-Dc convertors.

I've always been attracted by research and technology. Graduate school will let me collaborate with cutting-edge tools and like-minded people, expanding both my academic and professional prospects. I am eager to advance my robotics research for industrial applications, particularly in autonomous navigation systems, as a graduate student. Additionally, I'm very interested in researching how to create robot control models, sensor fusion for state estimation, and simultaneous localization and mapping. My long-term goals are to pursue doctorate in robotics preferably in health care or underwater domains.
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Dec 9, 2022   #2
The writer has not managed to write a statement of purpose. However, he did write a comprehensive academic and experience biography. Sadly, only the last paragraph of this essay actually works towards a clear statement of purpose. The majority of the content does not pass as applicable to the statement of purpose. In fact, the essay does not provide a clear purpose for studies.

Reading the last paragraph has allowed me to identify that this would work as the correct introductory paragraph for the revised essay version. That is because it shows me an idea of what your masters school academic goals are. Based on these goals, the correct career development plan can be developed. The career plan may be supported by applicable undergraduate course studies and work experiences. All of which, when merged, will create a clear statement of purpose for the studies. The combination should cover both the academic and professional goals of the student.

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