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FBI CRIMINAL PROFILER; Statement of Goals and Purposes

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Dec 14, 2006   #1
Statement of Goals and Purposes- Carol J. Jackson

Prior to the focus of the American public on the field of forensics and the role it played in police investigations, I've always had a passionate interest in psychological profiling. Ever since I can remember I loved the law and psychology and wanted to pursue both as a career. Hence, I focused on becoming an FBI criminal profiler.

I intended to fulfill my dreams of becoming a profiler by attending law school to obtain a JD degree and graduate school to obtain a PhD in Clinical Psychology which after completing an additional program would lead to the coveted position of Forensic Psychologist. First, I attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice and majored in Forensic Psychology.

However, as fate would have it I was not able to continue the pursuit of my dream careers. As my life took some unexpected turns that diverted my career plans. At the time I didn't have the support or finances required to attend law school and graduate school. Instead of continuing my educational plans, I became an average American. Immediately, after graduating college I began a diligent search for employment and accepted an offer from the insurance giant Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Since 1996, I have worked within the insurance industry in both the medical and behavioral health managed care industry. During my 10 year span within the industry I have been able to gain an in depth knowledge of the health care management systems and processes. Over the years I have developed a unique respect and perspective of the health care field. My diverse experience includes positions ranging from telemarketing, inside sales, intake, provider relations, ad-hoc agreements, grievance/appeals and benefit consulting.

During the past 2 years I have tried to transition the unique skills and experiences I've gained to enter into another field. Unfortunately, my attempt to change or upgrade my career has not been very successful. I appreciate the knowledge gained through my professional experiences but I need to continue to develop and grow as a professional. A graduate degree will enable me to positively move my career forward in a new direction. I want my career to be of interest, purpose, service and improvement through change. The reason for my interest in the Milano the New School for Management and Urban Policy is in its perspective on social responsibility and leadership training. I know that if given the opportunity I will succeed both professionally and personally.

My desire to succeed is more than just personal I want my life to be of benefit to the world around me. Especially, at this juncture in time where it seems irrespective of quality of life and health the powers that be are concentrating solely on profit making. It is imperative that there are leaders who are equipped with foundations to make decisions that are weighed with a community and global consciousness. I want to be such a leader. Hence, I hope to be able to join the esteemed community of Milano the New School for Management and Urban Policy.

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