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Formal training in MIS from the Northern Illinois - a personal statement in less than 500 words

revanth92 2 / 2  
Oct 2, 2017   #1

the right path toward realizing career goals

The present world is surrounded by the data and information field. On one hand, these data present the potential for us to discover useful information and knowledge not seen before. On the other hand, we are limited in our ability to manually process large amounts of data to discover useful information and knowledge. So, the need of better tools and application, as well as reliable methods of utilizing the data and information, is the eminent necessity of not only today's world but the future also.

My interest in logical and computational thinking led me to take up Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my major subjects at the Pre-University level after completing my Schooling. I scored cent in mathematics in my pre-university level and was placed in the top 5% in my state, after which I joined one of the most reputed institutions in my state for engineering.

During my undergraduate at kl university, Although my focus has been mainly Electrical and Electronics Engineering, involvement in areas like circuit design and digital signal processing and elective courses like fundamentals of information technology, Dataware housing and mining gave me valuable knowledge of computer science.

I have been actively engaged in extra-curricular activities in order to achieve an all-round personality development. I have been good in chess from my childhood and won various prizes at the school level. I won the first prize in the intramural chess competition in the third year in my university. i also represented my university in the south India inter-university chess tournament in my final year.

My innate strength has been my quantitative and analytical abilities.After my under graduation, my goal was clear. I wanted to make a career in a field that uses my analytical thinking coupled with technology. I learned statistics and python using online resources. Prior knowledge helped me.

Currently, I am working with zealeers technology Pvt. ltd in the role of a data analyst where I am responsible for analyzing, visualizing and interpreting data. Using packages in python like scipy, numpy and matplotlib, I analyze and visualize data. I also use SQL to manage databases. I wish to expand my knowledge and work as a Business Analyst , where I hope to enable clients to increase productivity by leveraging technology and their data repository. Getting to know how business systems work and acquire the necessary techno-managerial expertise in areas of IT and analytics, I seek to pursue formal training in MIS from the Northern Illinois University.

At this stage, I believe undergoing a formal training in MIS from your institution would set me on the right path towards realizing my career goals. The multi-faceted curriculum with courses that help me understand the business systems of organizations coupled with specialization in business analytics with courses in big data analytics and social media analytics will provide me the opportunity to nurture my techno-managerial skills. I believe, the multi-cultured, diverse campus will provide me overall personal growth.
APW 2 / 5  
Oct 3, 2017   #2

I think your essay is fine. You covered the importance of the training, your background, professional and academic. Also you projected what you want to do with the degree.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,742 3794  
Oct 3, 2017   #3
Revanth, since you are applying to graduate school, you need to update your personal statement to reflect less of your past and more of your present and future. You can start editing the content of this essay by removing paragraphs 1thru 5 since these deal mostly with your idealism and college education. Your personal statement should now center on the discussion of how your professional participation has led you towards a deeper understanding of this line of work and the kind of work that you can do in the future. Try to think of how you have evolved from your entry level position in the company, and how those steps led to the kind of professional you are today. Talk about your work ethic and how working in the field of MIS had helped you learn more about yourself and the world we live in. A personal statement should first and foremost, reflect the development of your interest in this field and then, imply your future plans. Then, it should explain why you chose this particular university to enroll in. Do an overview of the reasons because you will be discussing that in greater detail in the SOP.
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Oct 3, 2017   #4
thank you.
The thing is i have a very low GPA in my undergrad. i have a GPA of 5.4/10. my GRE score is far more than the required score for this university. so, i thought i should be explaining about my low GPA indirectly. i wanted to show the adcom that I've not always been like that.

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