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I am fully committed to a career in automotive sector. Masters Automotive Engineering Letter

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Dec 28, 2014   #1
Plz check for errors and provide suggestions for improvement

Automotive Engineering is one of the most challenging and comprehensive fields of engineering today. The automotive sector has come a long way since the age of steam powered flat engines to the age of fast racing Formula 1 car, light and heavy commercial vehicles with lots of technological developments being done every day.

"A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible".

Engineering has been my passion from the start. I took the first step to become an engineer by securing 93.2% in SSC and 82.8% in HSC. I also secured 8259th rank among 10 lakhs students in AIEEE and 6979th rank among 4.7 lakhs in JEE in 2010 so that I could get a seat in one of the most reputed engineering colleges of the country. Graduating with first class in my undergraduate studies is proof that I have a strong foundation in Mechanical Engineering. During the studies, the subjects Internal Combustion Engines, Automobile Engineering, Thermodynamics, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines captivated my interest. This inspired me to want to pursue a specialization in Automotive Engineering.

As a result of the experiences during my undergraduate years, my inclination towards the auto sector increased substantially which led me to reading some fundamental yet enlightening books such as 'Fundamentals of I.C. Engines' by J.B Heywood and 'Automotive Engineering Fundamentals' by Richard Stone and Jeffrey K. Ball. It also had me browsing through the pages of periodicals and magazines in the college library. In order to gain practical experience of the subject, I took up the opportunity of training at the Diesel Shed, Indian Railways at Shakurbasti, New Delhi. There, I was exposed to diesel rail engines, be it the V shaped 16 cylinder engine of the WDM2 model or the vertical 6 cylinder engine of the WDS4 model.

Apart from all the above work, I have attended various seminars and workshops on the college premises such as the 'Technological Advancements in the Auto Sector' organized by the society SAE and the Autodesk Student Expert Day organized by Autodesk India. I have also been actively involved in sharing my knowledge with other students. For instance, to generate an interest in aerodynamics among fresh undergraduates, I have been conducting free classes on 'Basics of I.C. Engines'. The main purpose of holding these classes is to introduce the students to this cutting edge branch of engineering. The course is largely based on the beginning few chapters of the book by Mathur and Sharma, to provide them with a sense of the subject and push them to delve further in the subject since it is my belief that India will be requiring quality automotive specialists in the near future. I have also been helping M.Tech students of our University with their thesis work as I believe it is a two way process, allowing me to share with them my knowledge while at the same time absorb what they know, thus mutually benefiting both.

Germany has always been the world leader in technology and undoubtedly the hub of automotive sector. Additionally, Germany avails the advantages of securing the best of knowledge, quality of education, and above all the international exposure. The quality of German Mechanical Engineering has always been much vaunted. The research carried out on structural design of vehicles, alternative and electrified vehicle propulsion at the University is appealing. The breadth and depth of the courses coupled with a stimulating research environment seem to me the right mix for formative work and pioneering research. I believe that with variety of courses offered and with highly knowledgeable faculty and excellent facilities, the University will provide a perfect environment to focus all my resources towards my goal.

In summary, I am fully committed to a career in automotive sector. My long term goal is to pursue my research interests in the field of automobiles and strive to emerge as an active contributor to the field in the World in general and India in particular. Hence I am eagerly looking forward to spending the next few years in a structured Master's program in Automotive Engineering. The Mechanical Department of ******* has World renowned Faculty besides academically brilliant and motivated graduates in whose association my understanding of the area will be much deeper.

I sincerely hope I am considered by your esteemed institution to complete my graduation and become a well-trained and skilled professional.
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Dec 28, 2014   #2
Your letter lacks a paragraph that explains your current professional experience, length of that experience and how that experience has motivated you to pursue higher studies in the field of Automotive Engineering. Limit the reference to your ranking in exams Your accomplishments during college will not impress the admissions officers reading this paper because a masters degree relies mostly on the professional experience that you have gained over the past year and a half or so of your career. The motivation for higher studies stems from wanting to improve upon this experience and open yourself up to new opportunities that come with it. The concentration of your letter should be on highlighting those factors and should rely less on your college experience. In particular, I would like you mention any relevant seminars that you have recently attended. While you should keep the mention of the college seminars you attended, adding some current training sessions you have undergone will add weight to your application.

The letter you wrote is quite informative and relevant towards the purpose of your letter. I am confident that once you apply the suggestions I made above, the letter will be ready for submission along with your other pertinent documents.
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Jan 2, 2015   #3
Thanks for your suggestions.

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