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I have gained distinctive academic results; Motivation Letter/ Background and future plans

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Sep 10, 2013   #1
Dear Sir/Madam
My journey with information technology and computer science started from my primary school and BASIC programming language. Black screen and, in that time, for me, magical words like REM, INPUT, PRINT fascinated me. Entering Gymnasium I have chosen Math and IT major. Learning about algorithms, math I could imagine strong relation between math and any computer field. That was sign for me that academic background and scientific research is behind fast technology improvements.

After Gymnasium, I decided to travel outside to find better environment for studying information technology. Because, at that time, traditional ways of learning (memorizing without strong concentration on practice and experiments) in my country, I strongly believed that lab environment and well educated academic stuff will help me understand more and get maximum from my Bachelor degree. Studying at XXX, I have gotten basic knowledge about different fields of information technology and computer science. Their updated coursework, specialized lecturers and modern teaching methods qualified me for scientific research and applied science.

As highly motivated undergraduate student, I have gained distinctive academic results, hands-on experience in different research areas and leadership skills. Beside my coursework, I used to attend Distributed Computing course. Seeing COBRA possibilities and connecting different environments, I decided that my future academic research will, also, include distributed computing issues.

As a distinctive student, I was able to be a part of research team helping my teachers and tutors with their researches and lab experiments. As a student and as a part of Research Methodology class, I was able to conducted researches about Linux and Open Source awareness.

In internship program, I worked for XXX as developer in MIS (Management Information System) department. XXX was a new mobile provider in XXX and they lacked software solution for special numbers. Our supervisor have represented problem to me and my mate and explained us what they need as a result. Working on project for around six months we were able to develop highly sophisticated real time solution with marketing and selling options available. To sort numbers we have used seventeen different factors and system remain open for adding more factors for differentiation. For analyzing and number differentiation, we applied algorithms and exponential functions. At presentation day, managers were fascinated and system was implemented.

At the same period, I was teaching at University Java programming and assisting OOP paradigm with C++ programming language. Here started my passion for teaching and being academic part of information technology. Being in position to teach and persuade students, I saw academic environment powerful tool for creating future. As a Linux user for last three to four years, reading about open source, following Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman and Eric Raymond work, seeing powerful UNIX environment, I had a wish to be a part of academic advocate team for high computing trough open source technologies.

With my background, reading about XXX and their academic developments I am confident that I will match the high standards set by your universities and I will be able to greatly contribute to the program.

Is it good enough, any grammar mistakes, any other mistakes?? Thanks in advance for your cooperation
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Sep 16, 2013   #2
Your motivation should extend beyond your interest for the topic and your admiration for the standards of the university. Every student should be interested in the topic and like the university they are attending. See if you can find a different motivation. Something like "I need to do this to achieve my goal and this is what I've done so far to get there (background).
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Sep 25, 2013   #3
Thank You for Your feedback, I got Your point. I edited my motivation letter and put exact reasons and details about university, I added what I saw interesting about university, etc.

Thank You

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