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GKS 2020 Statement of Purpose: Focus on SMEs for better productivity

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Mar 9, 2020   #1

Goal of Study

o Goal of study, title or subject of research, and detailed study plan

While having performed at an accelerated growth rate in the 60s and 70s, Mexico's potential is unmatched to its current reality. Mexico's challenge has been evidenced by economists and think tanks such as McKinsey Global Institute (2019) in stating that one of the reasons why Mexico is lagging behind other countries classified as Emerging Markets, is due to the lack of equal economic distribution and not enough small and medium-sized companies. This ultimately translates to low productivity and a stagnant economy. Although most Mexican entrepreneurs have grown their companies empirically, actual business knowledge is still needed for continued growth. My graduate education will let me cooperate in the ongoing mission of improving Mexico's private sector to foster strategic management, create a skilled workforce and achieve sustained competitiveness.

South Korea's companies not only have had macroeconomic factors coming into play into their industrial competitiveness, but also through the formation of specialized national and regional clusters. The Industrial Complex Cluster Program of Korea, a national program dedicated to the development of clusters of industries that had an impact or could potentially have an impact on the country's economy was launched in 2004. Within the first six years of its formation, "production increased by 45.8%, exports by 33.7%, and employment by 11.9%" (KICOX, 2010) compared to the year before the program.

In my professional life, both as an academic program coordinator and junior business consultant, I have been able to create networking opportunities with SMEs' general managers. Moreover, it has allowed me to become intimately aware of the challenges the companies face continuously, such as costs of entry, access to financing and resolving inefficiencies. Consequently, my research interests lie in the creation of a technology cluster in the Bajio Region of Mexico and what role do SMEs play in productivity. By studying endogenous factors and patterns of corporate strategies on Korean firms that are part of the IT Clusters established by the Korea Industrial Complex Corp., I seek to create a set of tangible directions that Mexican companies can implement to start a cycle of inclusive growth, compatible to an ever-changing business environment. Further applications for this research are possible, with knowledge transference between different sectors and industries; as well in any other developing country whose SMEs face similar challenges.

A sample of Literature Review include: "Antecedents of open innovation at the project level: empirical analysis of Korean firms" by Kim Dong Jae, PhD.; "Co-opetition and technological innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises: A multilevel conceptual model" by Park, Byung Jin, PhD. and Devi R. Gnyawali, PhD.; "Inter-Korean economic integration and development: The dynamics of technology transfer" by Il Doo, MSc; "Insights into organisational capabilities that influence innovation and organisational competitiveness in SMEs" y Jamal Hussain A. Abdelgadir, PhD.; and, "Endogenous Network Formation and Resource Interactions: Implications for Organizational Governance and Corporate Strategy" by Kim Sung Ho, PhD.

In order to achieve this, I have chosen three universities that will not only allow me to gain the skills I need for my research and future goals, but provide me with a full integral education. I plan on taking courses such as Strategic Management, Global Competition, Management and Leadership, Competition and Industry Analysis, Management of Korean Enterprise, Business Consulting, Organization Management, Organization Theory, and Global IT Management. Applying to the Graduate School of International Studies of Yonsei University, Hanyang University's Business School and Pusan National University's School of Business, I am certain I will be pushed to my limits. These three institutions stand for academic excellence, global citizenship, and international outlook, making it their purpose to create international leaders that work to develop prosperity in a society. These are all values that I believe in and carry out as a young professional. Furthermore, the universities offer innumerable sources of experiences like workshops and leadership conferences, as well as a thriving international community.

Moreover, my essential short-term goal of study would be to prepare every day for my TOPIK score at the end of the first year of intensive language training. On my previous stay in Korea during my semester abroad, I took Korean classes that introduced me to Hangul and prepared me for everyday situations as a foreigner. While it was short-lived, I believe it was intensely lived. As I seek to create meaningful relations with the Korean and the International Community alike, I will work diligently to master the native language as fast as possible. I will use every opportunity possible to expand my grasp at the language, joining language exchange programs and conversation clubs. I will use technology as well to review lessons, learn vocabulary, and practice pronunciation. I believe all of these actions, combined with previously developed academic skills, will allow me to communicate better with Koreans or ex-pats that aren't comfortable speaking in English. There is no doubt in mind, that my goal at the end of the year of intensive language training, is to obtain a TOPIK Level 4.

With a better grasp on Korean Language, I aspire to get involved with the school and the international student communities. Balancing my time between my Masters Education, experiencing Korea culturally, and being involved in extracurricular activities will prepare me for a better future; by increasing my communication skills, cultural overview and networking opportunities.

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Mar 10, 2020   #2
I am afraid that you will need to revise this essay. You see, the masters degree course you plan to take will need to provide the reviewer with your plans for your masters thesis. The masters thesis should be developed over the time you will be spending as a student in Korea. From your first year, you must make the goal of your study evident. The goal, is to... Then, you can discuss how you plan to brush up on your skills and knowledge based on this information during class hours and after hours. Remember, the masters student does not stop studying when the classes end for the day.

Self-education is very important in this area of study. So, how will you utilize the university library and other training opportunities for this course? You could indicate that as a part of your thesis preparation, you will try to get an internship at some company where you can get ample after school education and experience in relation to your research interest or course of study. Then, relate all of those activities with your planned research through the explanation of the goal of your studies, the title of your research, and the description of how you plan to do the research and gain relevant experience for the completion of your masters thesis.

The presentation that you made above partly applies to the study plan for undergraduates. It is not highly relevant to the masters course application guidelines. The language study and socializing with Koreans, those are all for the undergraduate discussion points. Not the masters course which requires more of the students in terms of academic accomplishments by the end of the course. Broken down, the prompt requires:

Goal of Study: A reference to an explanation regarding your possible masters thesis

Title of Study: Based on your goal of study, what potential title would you like to give your masters thesis? Make the title long if you wish, as long as it somehow relates to your goal of study

Study Plan: How might you be required to do your research? What preparations will you make to complete the study by the end of your term? How will you implement these study goals? All in relation to your masters thesis presentation.

Remember, these plans can change. The reviewer just needs to know that you have a serious academic side to you. He wants to know exactly how you will spend your study time, in relation to the masters course you are taking.

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