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I am going to write a study objective for the Fulbright scholarship

Ali163 2 / 3  
Dec 24, 2019   #1
Hello friends,
I am not familiar with the U.S educational system,
Hope you help me,

study objective

I have graduated from Civil Engineering, currently working on Solar power energy implementation and digging water wells. As I faced to a problem during my work, I come to the idea to participate in Fulbright scholarship for the M.S degree to solve this problem.

The problem is that ( the groundwater which is provided with the wells to the people is a little salty but people still use it for drinking ) now I want to gain knowledge in a field of Engineering to be able to solve this issue( by using solar power as a way of purification of salty water ) via the previous experiences I have gained from fieldwork, and the new knowledge I am going to acquire from this M.S degree.

The question is here that I am not sure what Major of engineering of the U.S educational system fits me for the master's degree which not be opposed to my goals??

Ulaai 3 / 40 25  
Jan 4, 2020   #2
Hello. From what I understand, it seems like you still don't have specific place to pursue your masters degree in mind. So it's best to research first which uni do you want to go to. You can go to sites such as QR Ranking or THE that annually release university rankings, then search for university that has high quality engineering majors. Go to each university website, look for your desired major, which is civil engineering, and see if they are doing research or offers subjects related to your academic interests. After that, you can start writing your study objective.

Keep your essay structured. There are a lot of guides for it on the internet. Here's a structure you can use:
1st paragraph - introduction, your objective of the study
2nd - specific techniques or skills that you have, or your experiences
3rd - why this program will help you reach your objective (e.g. they have subjects you're interested in or professors you want to work with)

4th - future plan after you go back to your country
5th - conclusion

Hope this helps, and good luck on your application.

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