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I graduated with a science major; SOP for application to MS in Economics

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Jan 23, 2014   #1
Personal Statement

Working to support my family through high school, I graduated with a science major. During my studies in high school I found economics an interesting subject, because it deals with daily life. I realized that economics requires mathematical background and my mathematics was quite good. Therefore, I decided to apply for a bachelor program in Economics from .... after high school.

During college in ..., I was involved in extracurricular activities such as a cultural program and playing with the college soccer team. I was very good at playing and coordination with other team members. I applied for a two year master program in economics at the same university and graduated with the first class in 2007. After graduation I got a job as economics lecturer in an International University in ... from 2008 to 2009. Realizing my weakness in mathematics and statistics after graduation, I applied for another master program in economics and econometrics in one of the ... Universities in 2010. In this program I studied advance mathematics and econometrics and got the opportunity to learn statistical software such as R programing language.

I moved to ... in 2012 and joined a ... company to get training on oracle, data modelling, and data warehousing. Simultaneously I was searching to find a program related to economics and statistics and found out about the "Applied Economics" at... University in .... I got more interested in this program when I met with Dr. .... She gave me enough information about various economics track that suits to my educational background. I thought to be a good economist, one needed to be strong in statistics, so I took an online course in statistics from university of ... and I passed the course with A- grade in November of 2013.

I understand that completing applied economics is not easy and requires quantitative skills, lots of effort and dedication, needing time management skills, work, and coordination with other team members to complete projects on time. Working experience in varied environments has enabled me to develop a wide range of practical skills, people skills, and work in group settings. I have the required knowledge in statistics and mathematics and familiar with data analysis tools such as R, Microsoft excel and database applications. It is clear that I should enhance my career by organizing and combining my knowledge and experience in this program.
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Jan 24, 2014   #2
Guys, Please correct my essay grammatically and let me know If my essay lacks coherence. Thanks
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Jan 29, 2014   #3
You kind of contradict yourself here. You were good in Maths and then... realized you weren't anymore?

Sorry, can't correct grammatical errors--I'm not too sure about my own grammar skills so...lol.

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