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'the health care system' - Pharmacy school essay

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Jan 28, 2012   #1
I have erased my school info and personal information just in case. I hope that is okay. I do need to make it bit shorter and I am pretty sure there are some mistakes on grammar since English is not my first language. THANKS for your HELP!!!!

I am excited about my choice to enter pharmacy school. Throughout my life, I always wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field and I set this goal for myself long ago. After considering a number of careers, I finally found a way to achieve this goal. With my avidness of advancing my study, love of research, and eager to help others, I believe that pharmacy is the perfect career. I have taken the appropriate steps in terms of curriculum and performance to enhance my progress toward my goal of entering this noble profession.

The most important aspect of pharmacy to me is that it portraits my interest in biological science and research. I worked in laboratory of ****. From then, research became part of my daily routine and I enjoyed the process of learning and applying new information, the day to day activities, and group-dynamic. Working in research has thought me a strong proponent of teamwork and collaboration that take advantage of everyone's strengths.

During my years in the****lab, my main focus was ******* project. I performed various experiences including cell growth, protein purification and activity assay to prove this enzyme truly works as one. My research experience in past years allowed me to obtain invaluable knowledge by working in a research group at the graduate level. Now, I am more familiar with group dynamics and effective communication, which, I believe, are qualities needed as a good pharmacist. The project was a success and the paper has been accepted to Journal of American Chemical Society and my name is listed as a co-author.

Like science and technology, field of pharmacy is always evolving. So much of what I enjoyed about research carries over to pharmacy through clinical advancements to new medications and plans for patients' treatment. Because of the integration of science and health care, a pharmacist has employment prospects in a broad range of specialized career options because pharmacists work not only in drug stores, but also in hospitals, can develop careers in clinical pharmacy, research, etc. After completing the Doctorate in Pharmacy, I would love to pursue clinical pharmacist path, to become an expert in the therapeutic use of medications or go to graduate school and major pharmacology to open even broader career prospects in pharmaceutical industry as well as teaching students.

Lastly, I chose pharmacy because pharmacy is an important part of the health care system. You are a part of the system and have a chance to help people. There has been steady increase in the number of people consuming both preventative and restorative medications. However, there are not many people who know how to take them adequately. I believe Career in pharmacy will allow me the opportunity to be more consistent and comprehensive in an individual's health care regimen. Moreover, it seems like lots of individuals have multiple clinicians involved in one's health care; however, a patient generally only sees one pharmacy or perhaps two. Patients have access to their pharmacist for medication advice without having to make an appointment. And, pharmacists often times also provide other services such blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol screening, flu shots and many others for their patients. These merits in health care involvement as a pharmacist developed even stronger desire inside of me about becoming a pharmacist.

Being a pharmacist probably is much harder than it looks and I am aware of that it is a profession that requires lots of responsibilities. They must be very careful that they have measured the medication correctly, because one little mistake can be potentially fatal. Pharmacists must know what many of the medications do, and if there are any side effects and incompatibilities with other medications the patient might be on. All these make me more excited and proud of myself. Becoming a pharmacist will allow me to pursue my dreams. I want to provide accommodation for those in need. I want to be a part of making a healthier future for everyone. Like most curious and conscious consumers, I like to know the mechanism of action, the indication, the side effects, behind the brand they are consuming. Thus, I look forward to the constant challenge of keeping up with current publications and make it more useful to others. I have the spirit of keeping an open mind and I think it is crucial to maintain this through all of my experiences. The possibilities are endless in the pharmacy field and now, all I need is a little luck.
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Jan 28, 2012   #2
I performed various experiencesexperiments? including cell growth, protein purification and activity assay to prove this enzyme truly works as one.
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Jan 28, 2012   #3
Oh thanks. I did several proof reading but didn't catch it. If you don't mind, can you tell me what you think about the essay?
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Jan 28, 2012   #4
I believe ac areer in pharmacy will allow me the opportunity

personally I think its great I've been thinking of ways to make it shorter but the only thing I can find is this

During my years in the****lab, my main focus was ******* project. I performed various experiences including cell growth, protein purification and activity assay to prove this enzyme truly works as one. from my point of view, I think your essay doesn't lose anything if you delete that part.

I'm a dental assistant and here at the dorms I hang with lots of pharmacy techs, I know that being a pharmacist is great but it takes lots of studying and hard work.

By any chance would you be interested in a commission into the officer ranks of the Air Force?
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Jan 29, 2012   #5
I always wanted to do ROTC when I was in US. I did not have chance cuz i am not american. I am interested in military service and I do think it is a very interesting job to have.

If it does not require U.S. citizenship, I am certainly interested in it :) Oh, FYI, I am female... lol

Thanks for your help !!!

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