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Health, education, nutrition. Study & Future Plans Abroad Essay

pb1013 2 / 3  
Feb 23, 2017   #1
Hello, I must to write and essay with these two main topics (Max. 2 Pages):
- Goal of study & Study Plan: Goal of study, title or subject of research, and detailed study plan.
- Future Plan after Study: Future plan in Korea or another country after study in Korea.

I hope you can share with my you ideas about my essay. Thanks :)

work in research

Since last century society's habits have been changing considerably. Long workdays, bad nutrition and sedentary lifestyle can be found among these changes. Due to the new routines, diseases related to chronic metabolism disorders have been increasing. Metabolic syndrome's related illnesses are included in the top 10 causes of death in most of the countries around the world. For instance, according to WHO (World Health Organization) and other statistics databases diabetes is the main cause of death in Belize and the 7th cause in Republic of Korea.

The study and research in this field has a huge importance for world population because in present day it is a national health problem in many countries. This is why I would like to focus my Master's studies in the biochemistry and -omics areas in order to have a deeper knowledge of these diseases (specially oriented to diabetes or lipid metabolism) since a molecular nutrition perspective. I plan to take subjects related to molecular nutrition courses hopefully since my first semester in order to start planning my thesis outline as soon as possible. Follow work schedules is very meaningful for research projects, this is why I have to select wisely my following semester courses and invest quality time during my thesis field research. Among Food and Nutrition Graduate Curriculum courses, I found very favorable for my interests many of them, for example: Molecular Biology, Macronutrients Metabolism, Molecular Nutrition and Advanced Nutritional Biochemistry. My goal of study during Master is acquired the needed bases to start doctorate studies in Nutrigenomic discipline. Despite this is an emerging science's area I consider that its findings published so far are the base for a new-treatment approach in chronic metabolic diseases during the next years.

Many Asian countries have been pioneers using food with a functional objective not only as a body energy source, for this reason Nutrigenomic discipline might have an advantage in Korea due to its cultural heritage. In addition, among Nutigenomic area articles Asian countries stand out because of the number of publications, especially names of Korean researchers. For this reason I imagine how honored I would be if I have the opportunity to participate in projects and learn from Korean Professors involved in this research line. Furthermore Korean Universities are quipped with the needed laboratories and some of them with projects totally related to what I am wishing to deepen; there are National Institutes like Korea Food Research Institute with a Division in Nutrition and Metabolism Research that might be a useful tool to complement any education in this field. I have been considering all this facts and I hope to get the opportunity of be accepted in this program.

After finish my Master studies I pretend to apply for Doctorate's Program. Due to the high education quality, if you give the opportunity to be accepted in Master's Degree I will pursue advanced studies in Korea too. There is a graduate a program sponsor by National Council for Science and Education (NCSE) in Belize to support graduate students to pursue their education in a high quality university abroad. I plan to apply to this program and stay in Korean to continue with my doctorate studies as well.

My goals and dreams are clear, I want to keep learning and work in research projects related to my study area with the aim of get enough experience to work in a Higher Education Institution as a research Professor. I want to make use of my Education field studies together with my Nutrition graduate ones. I am willing to work either Belize or Korea, any of the two countries that receive me to keep pursuing my dreams. Any country that allows me to apply my education in benefit of society and that helps to strength international friendship bonds between them.

In order to attain my dreams I am aware of the hard work and patience I must to invest. Absolutely I have a positive attitude toward my future goals and I strongly believe that with determination I will be able to meet all of them one day. Thanks for your time and the opportunity to express myself through this letter. I hope you can consider my application with an affirmative result.

d2ny 12 / 39  
Feb 23, 2017   #2
Hi @pb1013
First of all, it's "have to", not "must to".
While your ideas are well written here, you have to improve your grammar and diction.

. . . Master is acquired the needed bases to start . . . I can't understand this part)
. . . emerging science's area . . . Why do you give apostrophe to science?
. . . After finish my Master studies I pretend to apply . . . To pretend means to act as if you want to do it while in fact you don't, and I believe you should say "After I finish/After finishing my . . . " instead of saying "After finish my . . . "

Please check the rest.

For the last two paragraphs, it is inappropriate to address the person who reads your essay with "you". Just show your intention and your plan. This is not a letter so you don't need a closing paragraph like you have now.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,703 4121  
Feb 24, 2017   #3
Ana, these are supposed to be written as 2 separate essays composed of one page each. The study plan / goal of study covers the requirements for your masters thesis research. This research is not clearly defined in this essay. Focus this essay only on the study plan / study goals. The information contained in this essay must focus on the problem that you hope to do research on while a masters student. This should not focus on the series of classes you want to take and the reasons behind them. Just like with a college thesis, the future graduates are expected to do research that will advance the field of their profession. In this instance, you have already mentioned a direct connection between the health issues of your country and Korea, so find the common problem, a reason why the research in these two countries will be important, how you plan to do the research,and what you expect the outcome of the research to be. The future plan is to be discussed in greater detail in a separate page long essay. Focus each page on a specific part of the application so that you can better convince the reviewer of your abilities to succeed as a student and then, as a graduate of the course. Don't try to pile it into one essay because that is a disservice to your application.

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