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Help with Statement of Purpose for MS in Engineering and concentration in chemical engineering!!

brooke90 1 / 1 1  
Sep 29, 2015   #1
I have been searching the internet for examples of a statement of purpose. I have a BS in Chemistry and I am currently working for a power plant full time. This has sparked an interest in chemical engineering for me. I am applying to NCSU's online Master's of engineering degree with a concentration in chemical. I want to write a sufficiant statement of purpose and would like help and suggestions. I have a 3.77 GPA from undergrad and was awarded scholarships and awards for my academic excellence and graduated Magna Cum Laude. However, I do not have any engineering research or projects. I have research experience studying the ontogenetic shift of a lionfish using stable isotopes and I interned for the power plant I currently work for, but i don't know if that would be sufficient enough. Can anyone give me ideas and suggestions on how to write a great Statement of purpose for engineering school coming from a chemistry background? Since I don't have an engineering background, I am not quite sure what admissions would be looking for in a personal statement.

Thanks in advance!
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 29, 2015   #2
Brooke, we have quite a number of MS Engineering applicants coming to us for advice here. I suggest that you try to look up the samples that we have just so you can get an idea about how to write your statement of purpose. While you may consider it a bit difficult to connect the two, there are ways that you can somehow find a relation for them.

Believe it or not, your degree in BS Chemistry is not one of the deciding factors in your application for masters studies. You see, as a professional seeking higher education, what the admissions committee will be looking at and considering will be your professional credentials. That is, they will look for a connection between your job and the course you are looking to enroll in. So consider yourself quite lucky to have a job at the power plant :-)

Having said that, you can develop your statement of purpose based upon your job description at the power plant. Concentrate on how yo developed an interest in Chemical Engineering because of that exposure. Since yo work there full time, I am sure that you have a boatload of experience that you can draw from and relate as part of your career and interest progression. Don't forget to highlight and jobs that you undertook that allowed for direct exposure to Chemical Engineering. The idea is to show the committee that though you lack an academic foundation, you more than made up for it through practical experience.

As for your concern relating to the unrelated college degree, don't worry about it. The admissions officer reviewing your essay will not really consider your college background as it is unrelated to your current work experience and study interests. We really cannot predict or judge as to what kind of background information on your side will earn the interest of the reviewer and adcom. So just keep the focus on the power plant experience that you have since that is the strongest part of your application. Focus your energies on that.

Let the reviewer come to an understanding as to how you plan to utilize this degree in the future. Give the reader an idea as to how you feel that this degree will help you further climb the career ladder. Most of all, how will your future knowledge benefit society? Insure that you put a spotlight on why you chose this online university course in particular. Try to keep your statement between 250-500 words as that is the standard limit for statement essays. You may increase the word count if the university allows for it :-)

I hope I was able to help you at least get started with a draft for your personal statement :-)
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Sep 29, 2015   #3
This is very helpful! Thank you very much!
hasbi 29 / 42 23  
Sep 30, 2015   #4
Hi, Brooke..

statement of purpose is requirement to enroll at an university.
in my experienced, there are the two generic questions that need answering, at least inferentially, in most Statements of Purpose are: "Why are you interested in this program?", and "What makes you special?".

This allows you about the opportunity to provide Faculty substantive information. you can demonstrate that they your homework about the program and thought seriously about the strengths and weaknesses.

Write all your past accomplishments - academic, extra curricular, social contributions, sports - whatever you've done well in life. Also write all the things that you feel or care for strongly.

What is it that you want to do in life? What is the career you want to choose for yourself in the future and why?

Write the area that you want to study further in. How will taking up this course of study help you achieve your long term career goals.

good luck,

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