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I need help with my Study Plan For Diploma Programme; application for a study visa to Canada

application for the study permit of Canada

Dear Visa Offier,

I am hereby submitting my application for the student visa to pursue this diploma. The duration of my intended course of study is 2 years. I currently hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and I have been working as the Project Manager of *** Service MENA for almost two years now. Over the years I've spent working in Al Ahela as an I.T. Project Manager, I was tasked with Client Servicing and made recommendations to clients on how to better improve their Website U.I. to increase their website traffic. At Al Ahela I've witnessed the importance of website U.I. Development and content marketing, and I would like to develop myself further in both areas.

Although working as the I.T. Project manager has positioned me in the right place to gain invaluable insights in both Digital Marketing and Web Application Development, I have realized that there is a lot more that I need to learn about Web Development in order for me to handle business process outsourcing management and provide job opportunities for the pool of skilled individuals in Nigeria. I believe that the Interactive Media Program at Assiniboine Community College Brandon has the right combination of courses that will help me learn about Creative Content writing, I.T. Project management, Web Development and more. This program is perfect for me as it is one of the pathways through which I can accomplish my goal of transitioning from a business management background into I.T. Project management.

During my research, I have found that there is a lot of potential in terms of business process outsourcing in Nigeria. If given the chance to study at Assiniboine Community College and to complete this program, I would work towards partnering with I.T. companies and providing services such as Web Development, Content Development, and Data Analytics for both local and international companies in an attempt to mirror the successes in the business process outsourcing industry in India and other countries whilst keeping in mind their shortcomings and providing a viable alternative. I'm confident that by using the knowledge and my valuable experience managing I.T projects, coupled with my insights on Web Development and Digital Content Creation, will aid me in achieving success in managing and working with a team of local developers and experts. This program has the potential to allow me to work as a decision maker in the top level management of an I.T. outsourcing company and in the near future, manage my own start up independently. This program is perfectly suited for someone who has no or very little formal education when it comes to Information Technology. For the fact that this program combines materials on different courses such as Digital Media, Content Creation, and Web Development, it makes it impossible to find a similar program in universities in my country of residence **** nor my home country Nigeria which is one of the factors motivating me to study this course in *** Community College. After a lot of research, I choose Canada as my choice of destination to further my education as I believe it is a country with a unique multi-ethnic environment and it is known worldwide for embracing different cultures and for its well-developed education system. Another factor that influenced my decision is the access to a pool of knowledge in the country from its many prolific I.T. professionals and practitioners from various I.T. specializations. Therefore ensuring that I'm able to stay abreast with the latest technological advancement in the field. Finally, according to many reputable sources including business insider it's one of the best places to study in the world.

My experience working as an I.T. Project Manager, coupled with my experience with outsourcing work internationally and my research on the subject has lead me to conclude that at present there is a window of opportunity for smart entrepreneurs and I.T. companies available in Nigeria to work with international companies to help them meet their I.T., software, and web content needs. This translates into enormous benefits for those keen on investing in training programmers and ensuring the utmost level of professionalism with emphasis on data security in handling the work and various outsourced projects. The Interactive Media Arts - Interactive Program will go a long way in preparing me for work as a decision maker in the top level management of an I.T. outsourcing company and in the near future, manage my own start up independently. This program is perfectly suited for someone who has no or very little formal education when it comes to I.T. and has the potential to help me manage a startup independently providing me with the technical know how along with improving my project management skills.

The following documents are attached to this application to support my application for a study visa to Canada after going through the CIC's checklist:

1. Letter of admission from **** Community College

2. Bachelor's Degree

3. Recommendation from places of work

4. Letter of employment from Nigeria

Please consider my application for the study permit of Canada.

Thank you for reviewing my application

May 20, 2018   #2
Abubakar this is an extremely lo0ng visa application letter that the officer is not going to finish reading. The letter should be accomplished in a manner that reflects not your interest in the course, not your desire to study abroad, not your past work experience but rather, a look at your future. The visa officer needs to be convinced of only one thing to approve your student visa. That is, you have to make sure that he understands and believes that you will return home after you complete your degree. How can you do that? Explain these 2 scenarios in your letter:

1. What is the professional objective of your academic desire? What position do you hope to fill upon your return and why?
2. What is your research plan? Signify its significance to your professional objective and how it will help your home country upon your return.

It would be best for you to mention that you are sponsored by your employer (if applicable) and that your job will be waiting for you to return. Mention a summary of the content of the employer letter in order to drive home the point that you do not plan to stay longer in the country where you will be studying than you have to. Mot the "startup" explanation for now because you have a letter from your employer to present. The start up thing will muddle the discussion and make your application questionable in a certain way. Stick to the major justifications that can help you application letter. Right now, this sounds more like a personal statement applying for admission rather than a formal interview with the visa officer.

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