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"a household of eight people" - The Struggling Challenges I Faced .. -UC Prompt

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Nov 17, 2010   #1
Personal Statement 1: Describe the world you come from - for example, your family, community, or school - and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.

I grew up in a household of eight people, where you will hear constant bickering. It was to the point where going a day without arguing was considered not normal. Money always seemed to be the root of every conversation my parents had. Having to provide for six children and making sure everything going on in the house was in place wasn't always the easiest task. With financial problems, my parents argued about the littlest fixation, and often would the disagreement lead to violence. Since the time I was able to walk, my dad always had a gambling problem, and in an instant, the hard earned cash seemed to vanish before I know it. Growing up to see the abusive relationship between my father and mother, I developed a hatred connection towards him and began to resent him, though it was not always his fault.

Home was not the most comfortable place for me to live in, let alone, to study in, and I found myself in a dilemma of wanting to move far away from home upon graduation. Focusing on school became an issue early in my childhood. Upon entering High School, I did not have much interest in my school work, but instead focused more on sports and socializing with my peers. After a self realization, I came to the conclusion that I needed to adjust my priorities because disregarding education would not give me the opportunity to be successful in the real world, if I wanted to attain my goals. But through the years, I have learned to acquire the skills needed to be successful in life through the guidance of my siblings. They check up on my schoolwork, make sure I get the help I need, and have given me moral support to achieve my dreams and aspirations. Though I did not understand why they did it at first and was a nuisance, I have come to realize I would not be attentive and focused in school without their help.

Even though my parents bicker constantly, they too have struggled to make a living upon coming to America. They face language difficulties and were not accustomed to the traditions. However, through it all, they have always shown interest for me to receive the best education I can get, and to acquire everything I have learned into a successful career. Though my family is not the wealthiest and money comes by hard to get, I am reminded that education is the richest resource I can obtain. Despite the many struggles I have come across in life, I believe through it all, it has made me become a stronger individual, as well as making me want to work harder in school to achieve my goals, so that I can no longer go through the many struggling challenges I faced before. Regardless of the fact that the environment I grew up in was not the utmost surrounding to be in, I am glad to have the support from my family. Their tendency to encourage me has made me stronger as a person, as well as helping me realize that I am capable of reaching my dreams and aspirations in life.
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Nov 17, 2010   #2
you can always try to sugar coat you struggles by mentioning, how maybe one your family member was a constant source of support(even a sibling). Case in point, you have mentioned parental bickering too many times up there.

Mentioning the outright truth blatantly and mentioning your inclination to disregard educationa and responsiblity could influence the admission committee negatively, which we certainly dont want.

You could always make it look more positive by how much of a better person you have emerged to be after your initial struggles.

That was my two cents.

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