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Human is inquisitive by born. Motivation letter for photonics master program

farjana 1 / 1  
Feb 10, 2015   #1
Human is inquisitive by born. This inquisitive attitude leads oneself to constant learning and exploring process. For this inquisitiveness there is an undeterred technological advance in the field of science which is opening newer dimension to explore. To be proper server of this wide field of science one need to has a perfect combination of theory and practical knowledge.

For me this Inquisitiveness is and has always been driving force to try and understand man-made structures, mechanisms, or simple products. From my early days of study I was curious about science and new inventions. So, I tried to keep myself updated through science magazines, popular science books and newspapers. Because of this ardor I never missed to attend any science fair and exhibition that I could. For satisfying this insatiable desire of knowing cause and effect, I got myself admitted through a rigorous process in the department of applied physics ,electronics and communication engineering of university of Dhaka which is the most prestigious university of Bangladesh known as the "oxford of the east‟. It worked as the stepping stone towards my dream of becoming a true learner of science and technology.

On the day of my undergrad orientation the inspirational talk of Professor Zahid Hasan Mahmud has certainly incited alacrity in me towards Photonics, Nano electronics, solid state electronics and material science. From that day I decided to chase my dream through these subjectsThe four years of undergraduate program have been a great learning and augmenting process for me. My interest in photonics first grew when I attended the courses of Applied Optics, modern physics and Electromagnetism. Courses for instance- semiconductor technology, physical electronics and devices, material science has provided me good insight on physics of materials. In order to be an efficient researcher one should expertise in theoretical calculation as well as in experiment. To gain proficiency, I took the relevant and consequential mathematical courses on calculus, mathematical methods, numerical analysis, linear algebra, ordinary differential equation and mathematical statistics. I also attended the courses on C/C++ and assembly language for programming purposes and taught myself MATLAB at the end of junior year to solve problems numerically. Along with maintaining the increasing trend in my academic result I also grew enough confidence in myself through attending several seminars and also working as an organizing body of conferences (ICIEV), seminars, alumni meets. In my undergraduate project work entitled "Study on electronically tunable metal gated and graphene gated metamaterial tera-Hz modulator based on modulation depth"; we have found that the modulation depth of graphene gated THz modulator has been obtained above 80% whereas for different metal gated modulators it has been found in-between 30% to 50%. I further studied approximation methods in quantum mechanics such as time dependent/independent perturbation theory which are essential tool to study absorption, stimulated and spontaneous emission, lifetime of excited states, selection rules, metastable and forbidden state as prerequisite knowledge. When doing my project work I found research works on the field of Photonics so interesting that I decided to delve deep through a master course to work on this field.

"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort" quoted by Jesse owens. Carrying those words in mind, I sturdily believe that with my sincerest effort, dedication and with proper guidance I would be able to fulfil my dream. I truly hope that my academic credential along with my passion towards research will help me to secure a position in your university which will give me the opportunity to explore the enormous area of Photonics.

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Feb 11, 2015   #2
Good effort! But check your grammar and sentence construction!

Human is inquisitive by born This should be either stated as Human beings are inquisitive by birth or a better way to put it will be " human beings are inquisitive by nature"

The entire first paragraph is a difficult read with incorrect usage of words. However it gets better as one reads further.
Try to rephrase the start in order to make a good first impression!

Good Luck!
OP farjana 1 / 1  
Feb 11, 2015   #3
thank you for your suggestion

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