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Innovation and technology projects - GKS Program - Study Plan

Thyciane 1 / -  
Feb 5, 2021   #1

Study Plan for gks

As my course was on a technological campus, my design projects were focused on innovation and technology. As it is a new area of ​​study, it was quite challenging to find a course and a university that was about my area of ​​expertise through the GKS program. I was very happy to find a course with potential studies that I need at a university with great technical support.

I opted for an industrial master's degree at Kaist, as I currently work in the area of ​​UX design in projects and I believe that the course will greatly increase my professional development, mainly because Kaist is part of the 1º place in research-oriented in South Korea and a large reference in technology, a university focused on business, which motivates me a lot for the development of future design projects for technology companies.

The facilities in providing and organizing information for students through the university's website shows how much they care about students and users of the platform. The subjects that most caught my attention during the choice of the industrial design course were media interaction design, user-centered design methodology, design marketing, and project design, which includes exactly my current research areas, mainly the User Experience (UX) subjects.

Currently, I work as a UX design for business projects and I intend to continue this line of research during the development of my master's thesis, in which I decided to address the theme of Innovation and UX design in project development. Based on this choice, I intend to evaluate the main characteristics used to define a good project and identify patterns used for the development of an innovative solution, so that a research structure can be defined that presents safe paths for future UX developers. To identify apparent problems during this development, it is necessary to research to identify the difficulties faced by designers when developing a new solution. I intend to carry out bibliographic research, exploratory research, and field research first to understand the main determinant characteristics for a project, and then develop forms based on the research carried out to identify the main difficulties faced by Project Design students and UX developers. Based on these researches, I consider carrying out a project that can assist UX Designers Júnior in the development of innovative projects and solutions for companies.

Looking a little more on the website of the department I chose, I could see the number of competent teachers who are present within the course and I identified a lot with the profile of the prof. Lee, a specialist in UX design and worked in companies that are referenced in technology, I hope to count on the support of this type of professional for my future research work and perhaps an orientation with Prof. Lee throughout my academic life.

My main goal is to develop both professionally and academically and for that, I intend to take extension courses, research, and projects for large companies, as it is always good to learn about the market and keep up to date these days, especially for students in the field of Creativity, innovation and technology. For these reasons, I decided to choose South Korea as the best country for the development of new skills for my academic and professional growth, as it is the country with the largest innovation and technology base in the world. I believe that I will have the best experiences and the best structure to develop quality projects. I thank you for the opportunity to apply, I will work hard to achieve my goals and share good results.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,301 3341  
Feb 6, 2021   #2
There are several paragraphs that need to be removed from this presentation. The first 2 paragraphs do not help to focus directly on your chosen masters course and proposed thesis. The study plan carries more immediate relevance once you start it with the current third paragraph. Referring to your current work position helps the essay at is shows the relevance of the masters course you have chosen along with the relevance of the proposed study focus.

Since you are expected to only infer your possible thesis, as your interests may change during the course of study and in the process, change your thesis focus as well, it would be better to not mention the university website or professors at this point. Either keep the discussion general in reference or, totally remove the paragraph to avoid any confusion later on, should you decide to change your research focus.

You should not repeat your reasons for choosing to study in Korea in the closing statement. It doesn't make sense to do that because you are asked to defend this information in the personal statement. It is important that you do not repeat information, no matter how varied you think it might be, throughout the various essays you have to write for your application. Reviewers do not appreciate redundant information, particularly when it is not relevant to the discussion based on the given discussion instructions.

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