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My Inspirations throughout my carrier; Letter of motivation Masters(Germany)

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Mar 27, 2013   #1
Hi I have to send me letter of motivation for one of the masters course in german university in 2days, please check it give me your feedback

I, Mr. Vinay Kumar Boddu, take this opportunity to introduce myself as an undergraduate from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad. It is with a strong yen to study masters and a deep commitment to do my mite in Production Engineering that I am forwarding this application to your graduate school and I am sure that the graduate study at your University would be an ideal step towards that goal. I would also like to put forth a lucid description of my purpose of seeking higher education and how I would be promising student in your esteemed Institution.

My Inspirations throughout my carrier:

The manifestation of truth and logical reasoning and sheer presence of fascinating experiences in the field of Science and Technology appealed to me and I developed a strong inclination towards it right from my school years. This enthusiasm and fascination for science has propelled me to visit a number of science fairs and science museums at my school level. These stimulating experiences intensified my zeal to know more about the world around us and I opted for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the main subjects at the senior secondary level. At the undergraduate level I once had the opportunity of attending a lecture given by the eminent scientist of our country Dr. A.P.J.Abdul kalam. The lecture has awfully inspired me to take up a research-oriented career and thus contribute my part towards the development of science and thus a better world.

Relevant Background:

All through my school and college, I had an excellent academic record. It was at my school level that I realized the importance of an analytical approach to a solution of any problem.

Engineering with its wide scope for research and practical application prompted me to appear for the engineering entrance examination after my senior secondary level. I had qualified the entrance exam and I had the privilege to take any branch but my choice was Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University(JNTU), JNTU one of the premier Electrical and Electronics Engineering institutes in India with highly competent research oriented faculty. I have been benefited from the breadth of JNTU University syllabi content that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is the technology behind the development and sophistication of the world in all aspects. Its high level of interaction with various industries and research organizations crested in me an awareness of the enormous research opportunities it offers. This motivated me to take up research activities in this field.

My Undergraduate Study:

My Undergraduate course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering gave me an opportunity to orient myself in proper way by inducing in me a proper fusion of the acquired theoretical concepts with practical skills and creativity preparing me for Graduate studies. It has also given me ample opportunity to boost my leadership and communication skills.

I have been an active student member and General Secretary of the student body of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Association in our institution, which has given me an opportunity to organize and participate in various technical seminars. I have organized south India industrial tour of 13 days for our department after my fourth semester. I had also represented my college in prestigious inter college Cricket tournaments. I had also took up part time teaching in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Diploma subjects for students appearing the statewide entrance examination to pursue undergraduate study.

Research and Practical Experience:

As a research minded student I was never bound by the limits of curriculum. I had always endeavored to involve myself in other project works. To get a first hand experience I spent my spare time at my College lab to do personal projects. I worked on and built Radio transmitter, burglar alarm which is designed with simple logic and electronic devices.

My Project works also include

ˇ Wireless power transmission
ˇ Automatic room light controller with visitor counter.

Purpose of Graduate Study:

An undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering provides the students a good grasp of fundamentals but it has lesser scope for delving deep into areas of specific interest. Considering the rate of growth of new paradigms and their obsolescence, a broader knowledge of the whole of Electrical Engineering with special emphasis on a special area of interest is the need of hour. A graduate program provides the educational basis for continued learning and imparts the skills necessary to function effectively as a professional. It will help me in being in the forefront of research. Hence my decision is to go for Graduate Studies.

Your University - Right Place:
After one year's work experience as an Electrical Engineer at NYR Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, one of the Hyderabad's leading construction company, I want to return to academic study and undertake graduate studies in your university. It is my dream to pursue Graduate Study at a place that can offer me the right ambience and environment for an all round development of my skills, a place where my research interest receives encouragement and support. The high standard of Graduate Study in your University which has stress on research oriented activity, flexibility and professor-student relationship has propelled me aspire for Master's program at your university. It is my firm belief that a Master's program in your University will provide me an opportunity to widen the horizons of my knowledge, give me a frontline exposure to the technological advances made in this field and thus contribute to its immense development. The distinguished faculty that is very much conducive to the fields of my interest makes your University the right place to embark upon my career.

I am confident that my qualifications and interests will very vividly establish me as a truly deserving applicant for admission to your Graduate School.

I look forward to have a stimulating and indelible relationship with your University.

I thank you for your time in considering my application form.

Thanks and Regards
Boddu Vinay Kumar

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