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LETTER OF INTENT - BUSINESS Administration-Strategy and Management in International Organizations

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Oct 9, 2019   #1
Heloo Collegues, Kindly assist me with the Review

Selection will be based on:

Academic merits and Letter of Intent

Each applicant should therefore enclose a letter of intent written in English (1000-1500 words) where they introduce themselves and describe how they decided to apply to this programme, what they will bring to the programme, what they expect to get from the programme, as well as an analysis of their most important failure so far and what they learned from it.

I am XXXXX; a highly motivated individual pleased to submit my application for a Master's programme in Business Administration-Strategy and Management in International Organizations in your University. My desire to study advanced courses which deal with analytic tools and methods, knowledge of complex administrative systems related to business internationalisation and understanding of strategic aspects of management within predetermined time frames underpinned my decision to apply to this programme.

My bachelor's degree in Accounting exposed me to a wide range of courses, all of which tend to reinforce my interest in Business Administration. I studied courses like Business Finance, Information systems, Principles of Leadership, Business Ethics, Global dimension of business, Entrepreneurship development and Quantitive methods. These courses focused on the conceptual understanding of theories related to business administration and guided me in systematic research serving as a foundation of my academic career. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I have been working as a National Service Personnel with the Programme Management Support Unit of the United Nations Development Programme- Ghana. Currently, I work with senior specialists from finance and management teams from programmes departments who are in charge of making decisions to ensure that UNDP achieves the annual delivery at the country office. My duty to take minutes from their meetings and record their decisions reached leads me to search several sources including governmental and international agencies and make contacts to specific organisations in search of information to provide a baseline to help my superiors make their decision. I am sometimes asked to analyse the decisions they take objectively as an independent officer, and this becomes a significant challenge for me as I face difficulties in making critical and in-depth analyses of decisions.

Consequently, I have realised that my current knowledge, analytical thinking and abilities on understanding the intricacies involved in making sensible decisions in international organisations and research-based knowledge are limited and I need to extend my theoretical and practical knowledge on strategy and management to pursue my goal. The courses on Business Administration program at Linkoping University provide an ideal balance between theory and practical use which I liked the most. Technical selection of the electives like Strategy Classic and Contemporary Views and the management courses makes me excited and awaken my interest in an in-depth study. Most importantly, the program offers a capstone project so that I can have a chance to participate in a real business-related problem in international organisations.

My Bachelor's Degree thesis focused on budgeting and budgetary control of Public sector organisation in Ghana and under the literature review, the organisation set up in Ghana, Africa and Europe were discussed thoroughly. My research work sharpened my analytical skills and instilled in me the qualities that will help me successfully undertake informed research work with minimum supervision. I have participated in seminars and workshops that aim to analyse economic, social and management issues and take stock of varieties of options to address current problems in business organisations. This has equipped me with a unique background to have a holistic view of many of these issues: growth, opportunities and challenges of business organisations, especially in developing countries. I plan to be one of the key figures to share my understanding, ethical aspect of research, initiatives and experiences with all teams, fellow students and professors I find myself with.

My firm commitment is to become a trusted business analyst who upholds strategic and prudent principles inherent to promote sound decision in International organisations. Participating in this Masters programme will equip me with the vital research analysis skills, rich practical knowledge-based examples and a firm theoretical understanding of issues related to business administration. The knowledge I will receive in the programme will enable me to develop programmes and formulate policies which would help enhance long-term strategy to promote organisational development. I believe pursuing this Masters program will equip me with solid strategic foundation to create connections, define problems and analyse emerging global business challenges and to plan solutions, which would shape all levels of administration, from local to global in the future. My advanced qualification and enhanced skill set would equip me for the challenge of making informed sustainable management recommendations and implement high innovative strategies in the development of the organisation in complex environments.

My experiences have made me agreed with Henry Ford that "failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently". Problem-solving, in my own life, is my greatest motivation as finding personal problems and failures to resolve, gives me the experience to learn more intelligently. Research is a course that I thought to be much more exuberant compared to my other courses. From my past school years, the reflection of my grades in research related courses made it much more exciting when partaking in research class. I did not think much of it because I assisted my seniors with data analyses in their project work and I always had good results. During my final year of undergraduate studies, I decided not to follow the designed timetable to do my proposal research but rather, do the proposal research a few weeks to the final proposal defense for undergraduates. I happened to do my research proposal work in a week without listening to my supervisors' recommendations and saw it to be an excellent work until. During the day of defence, I was faced with utter despair, and as I least expected, it did not end well with me. A question by one of the panellists "do you want to graduate" felt like a blow to my face. Getting 6 out of 15 probably was not the end of the world, but it is still not a pleasing number to receive. I felt the weight of everyone's opinions and disappointed in myself. Nonetheless, I was complacent and conceited, and there was no excuse for me not following my set proposal timeline to accomplish the work well and I blindly went into the defence hall and got what I deserved.

For me, it was just another roadblock I needed to overcome. Being in that uncomfortable position, I learned to work hard to get what I want; there was no other way. With this, I chose to design a well-structured research timetable and took time to plan well for the final research work. Everyone in my class thought I was crazy for putting so much time into the research work. Little did they know, my work paid off and I got Grade A in my final undergraduate research work. My motivation kept on growing until I was able to succeed truly. Something I realised later is that the problem was not only the timeline, but complacency can result from the things I know. Had I not failed, I would have never truly understood the importance of hard work. After all, hard work pays off.

Given my history of commitment to excellence, I am confident that I will bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm for your programme. I am sure to exceed your expectations based on my academic and professional skills. Furthermore, my interdisciplinary education will add more diversity to your programme. I am very confident that I have the requisite academic and language skills to complete a master's degree at your University.

I look forward to a favourable consideration and an opportunity to expand my analytical and critical thinking abilities.
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Oct 11, 2019   #2
Welcome to the forum! Truly, I hope this feedback is helpful for you. If it is, you can always keep asking for more questions.

Firstly, I appreciate the structure and content of your writing. Your composition appears to be quite well-put. I commend you for this. Therefore, speaking of the general flow of writing alongside the intention of the text, you are already on-board.

What I do recommend is compartmentalizing your writing a bit more. Considering the chunk of text in the second paragraph onward, I find that you have a tendency to over explain, especially when it comes to your experiences. Avoid this, and instead, try to focus only on the central or core message itself.
OP ObedRockson 1 / 3 1  
Oct 11, 2019   #3
Thank you very much @Maria. I am very grateful for your review, I appreciate. i will address your recommendation in my statement.

Please any more help with the review and scrutiny of my letter??.......

@HOLT, cant wait for you to comment and recommend please...??

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