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Letter of Intent/Essay for DNP-FNP Admission!

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Jan 8, 2018   #1
Directions: Two pages, double spaced essay addressing 1. Description of goals for doctoral study 2. Research translation area of interest for the capstone project 3) Career goals.

I aspire to grow continuously within the nursing field

Graduate Admissions Committee,

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for ___school name___ Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice program. After earning my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from ______, I've been working for four years as a Registered Nurse on a Medical Surgical Unit at _______. I aspire to grow continuously within the nursing field. From my experiences working as a registered nurse, my unit preceptor experiences, and attending informative symposiums and seminars, I believe I am prepared to advance on to a BSN to DNP program.

My ultimate goals for doctoral study are to advance my skills in critical thinking, communication, patient education, and to gain the knowledge needed to become a lifelong learner and leader. I hope to enhance my understanding of preventative care in the community through support and education. Primarily working with acutely ill adult patients with a wide variety of medical problems; I have observed how patient miseducation, miscommunication, and the absence of holistic care lead patients to recurrent hospital readmissions. I would like to put an emphasis on preventative care, enhancing patient education, and the importance of achieving a healthy balance in physical, mental, and spiritual health; specifically in our communities.

The area that I'm most interested in and would like to research for the capstone project is Community Based Education to Promote Obesity Reduction. I have experienced how proper patient education can lead to better patient compliance, perception, and trust. I have also experienced that viewing each patient as a person and holistically is key in achieving better outcomes. I'm interested in discovering and understanding the mechanisms contributing to obesity and its health outcomes; and developing strategies to reduce the burden of obesity. I intend on utilizing the capstone project to research the answers to the many questions we have about obesity and translate that research to change practice for the good.

I grew up in an inner city neighborhood here in ________. My upbringing nurtured my core values that shaped me into someone with a love for her family and community. It also instilled in me the importance of hardworking and perseverance in pursuit of my desired vision. Growing up in the inner city, I've witnessed many family and community members affected by diseases that could have been prevented or managed more proper. My career goals are to secure a provider role in the primary care of underserved populations in an urban community. I will reach a diverse population and teach proactive measures through practice and community awareness events. I also want to effectively assess, examine, diagnose, and treat patients across the entire lifespan.

I admire ___school name___ commitment to higher education and dedication to the education of the whole person. The staff's dedication and commitment to academic excellence at ___school name___ will provide me with the opportunity to expand my clinical knowledge, critical thinking, and leadership ability for me to achieve my goal: to obtain a Doctor of Nursing Practice and become a Family Nurse Practitioner. It would be an honor to continue my studies and pursue my passion at ___school name___ . Thank you for your consideration of my application.


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Jan 9, 2018   #2
JG, you need to properly group your essay in the manner indicated by the prompt in order to create a smooth explanation of the respective prompt requirements. You do not need the lengthy introduction that you wrote at the start of this essay because it does not help you move the responses along in line with the prompt. Reviewers better appreciate the responses that go direct to the point rather than beating around the bush. The first prompt is about the description of your goals for electoral study. Therefore, the second and 4th paragraphs should be presented at the top of the essay instead of separately. That means, paragraph 4 now becomes paragraph 1 because it carries a good introduction to your goals for study. Then paragraph 2 remains as such. Only this time, you have to revise it to better gel with the new first paragraph.

The research translation area that you are interested in should have a connection with your career goals. That is because the ultimate purpose of any advanced study is to improve your career path. The research translation area should therefore, indicate your motivation for this research, how it fits with your current job description, why you feel that you have a solid foundation in this path of research, and where you ultimately see this research taking your career in the future. Presenting the information that way allows you to smoothly connect the research with your future career.

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