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My interest in Data Science - combine math's, statistics and computer science

sam123529 1 / -  
Oct 26, 2017   #1

MS in Cs with Data Science - SOP

I remember how excited I used to get every time I came across Math's and statistics, its applications, playing with numbers, deciphering challenging problems, the tenacity and perseverance it required to solve them and make sense out of numbers and data. Digital data is multiplying by leaps and bounds. With the emergence of Internet Of things it is estimated that the amount of digital data on Internet will multiply 10 fold between 2013-2020. The ability of a data scientist to combine math's and computer science to find valuable insights from this huge amount of data and give back to the world has always fascinated me. Wanting to expand my knowledge in this field I intend to pursue Masters in Data Science. I'm confident that my undergraduate years have given me essential exposure to pursue this challenging course.

I first came across the field of Data Science when I worked on my final year project under Dr. S.K.Pathan. It was a predictive analysis project on Disease Detection in MRS(Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) where the objective was to create an interactive application for the doctors to enter MRS data and detect diseases based on past data. Through this project I learnt how python has libraries for Data discovery and knowledge. I learnt how various libraries like Pandas, NumPy, Scikit , matplotlib work which I had subsequently used in modeling and predicting algorithms for the project. We faced various issued like extracting data from MRS images for which we had to learn about image processing and extracting data from MATLAB. Our paper on the same was selected as the best paper in ICINC conference and accepted for publication in the IJCA.

My interest in Data Science was further solidified by the hands on experience I had as an intern at ICICI bank for two months, I learnt how R programming, SQL and Hadoop were integral to the growth of Data analyst, I worked under seniors and contributed in a project for credit fraud and risk evaluation in Loans.

To add to my knowledge I took courses on courser and udemy, of which I specifically like the "Applied data science with python" by the University of Michigan where I learnt to use the Jupyter notebook and.....

I also interned in summer in my sophomore year for (fidelpets) as a web developer intern. During my tenure there, I helped develop multiple product pages for the E Commerce portal. I learned to use HTML, CSS and JAVA. Also, The experience of working in a corporate environment helped me get disciplined, taught me to work within the deadlines and most importantly instilled the ability to work under pressure which for me defines a successful individual.
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Oct 26, 2017   #2
Here are some corrections,

Digital data are multiplying
on the Internet
coursera and udemy websites
give back feedback to the
Our paper on the same was => it is unclear, i think it is better this way => "The paper based on our mentioned research was"
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,021 4243  
Oct 27, 2017   #3
Astha, what you wrote qualifies more as a personal statement that describes the development of your interest in Data Science rather than an SOP. A Statement of Purpose should, for all intents and purposes, focus on your college and after college experience as the basis for your interest in further developing your Data Science career.

You can open your revised essay with the second paragraph from this version. It creates an interesting basis for your college education in this field. Describe what your actual college major was and what your thesis project was in relation to the MSc course you are thinking of taking. You can use all of the work experience that you have here in order to build your SOP. However, focus only on the most important ones. The ones that actually had you accomplishing something while you were working there. It isn't all about what you learned there, as an MSc student, you must be able to prove that you have the ability to develop changes that can improve the current Data Science systems.

That is why you will need to focus your discussion eventually, on your current profession and office. What are your work responsibilities? How does Data Science relate to it? What problems do you see or foresee arising in the future. These will be the basis for your current interest in pursuing Data Science studies. Discuss what sort of changes you hope to develop and implement in order to further develop the use of Big Data in relation to Data Science in the future.

Don't forget to present your possible thesis statement for your masters thesis. This will further show the reviewer that you have a clear study path carved out for yourself over one year. If you can include a short to medium term career plan, that would be better. Finally, discuss why you chose a specific university at the end of the essay. Why that university over the others? What do you hope to achieve using specific curriculum, professor interaction, or internship programs at the university? How will this education change your career path for the better?

By revising your essay based upon my suggestions, you should have a more accurate workable draft essay created that aligns itself with the requirements of an SOP. You can set this essay aside for the personal statement submission of your application.
rumihumaira 4 / 12  
Oct 31, 2017   #4
your opening is already good, but you could elaborate more on how studying MSc in data science would help you to accomplish your goals, not only because you enjoy studying it.

and from your work experiences, you could tell more about what you hope you could bring to improvement after getting a master degree

also, remember that this is for university application not job application, so you do not have to list every software/programming language that you know. the admission office would like to see more about you and your ambition -- your skills is not everything (thats why you're continuing study, right?) just mention the top hardest/unique would be enough :)

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