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Interest in Network Security and Programming

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Dec 25, 2011   #1
My interest in Network Security and Programming started when I attended an Ethical Hacking Training Programme conducted by Ankit Fadia a renowned Cyber Security Expert from India. With that training I came to know about various terms like Honeypots, Dos Attacks, IP Spoofing etc. With the knowledge gained, I decided to take up 'XX' as the topic for 'Seminar & Technical Communication' of my coursework. I was awarded a term work of 43/50 and an award for The Best Technical paper in the Network Security Domain by the Department of Computer Engineering. Hence, this incident developed an innate penchant towards Network Security and hence I decided to work on a research project for the same.

1)I am currently involved in a research on "XX". This paper focuses on securing the Mobile Ad-hoc networks using the ZZ System. We introduce two techniques that use collaborative efforts of Nodes in neighborhood to detect the malicious node in that neighborhood. The first technique is of the scenario where all the nodes are in the radio range of each other. The second technique is of the scenario where the nodes may not be in the radio range of each other but there is the node which has all the other nodes in its one-hop vicinity both the technique use message passing and all the activities are initiated by special kind of node that we define as monitor node.

Thus, my undergraduate experiences, while equipping me with a broad understanding of Computer Science, have also opened my eyes to the necessity of advanced learning in the area of my specialization. A graduate program in computer science is a conscious step in this direction. The graduate program at 'UNIV' is esteemed for its outstanding curriculum and research in Computer Science. I would be forever grateful for an opportunity to attend the lab sessions in the world class 'XX Lab' under the expert guidance of 'Professor XX' who is a leading light in the field of XX. [b]He has written infinite papers on XX Systems for IEEE journals, which I have also used as core references in my research work. I am a great admirer of his work which also matches my current research interests and, under his expertise, I will want to continue my work in this direction.

Hence, I yearn to become an active and contributing member of the student community in your University and begin my professional life with the advantage of an MS from XX, which will finally allow me to achieve my dreams, and set an example for prospective students, by demonstrating that nothing is impossible if you have the tenacity to persevere.
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put commas after.my first technic is, my 2nd technic is,

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