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Hannam University application

When I was young, I almost died from falling from the third floor of a building. Because of this accident, my father resigned from work to be with me during my physical rehabilitation. He took the initiative of starting a business selling "tortillas" to help with the extra expenses. Hard times made me realize and appreciate the struggle my parents went through daily. This experience helped me push through difficulties.

A few years later, my family and I made a trip together where I met people from different countries. It is when I realized that I have an interest in communicating and connecting with people from different nationalities. The idea of learning about distinct cultures other than mine got me on choosing tourism as a career path.

Before I started college, I traveled to Canada and started studying English as a second language. I moved to Toronto city for six months. After a period of time, I returned to Mexico and enrolled in college to study the degree of Tourist Business Management. While still at college, I organized a family trip with a group of 60 relatives and managed to find a way to make all the necessary arrangements to have an unforgettable and successful trip.

After returning from my family trip, I got involved in different environmental programs and internships. Throughout this time, I was working constantly in supporting local micro-entrepreneurs through university projects and doing research focusing on global tourism.

For more than 4.5 years and while being a student, I participated in research studies about tourism in Mexico, and the development of sustainable tourism by working with indigenous people from Mexico. Through this research study, I came up with the conclusion that I really wanted to be able to help my community and the residents from my state because I learned to appreciate life better after my accident.

While in college, I was working in a travel agency. I had the opportunity to receive a group of people from South Korea and served them as their tour guide. They were shown the best sights inside my state; in exchange, I learned about their country and their lifestyle which motivated me to have a goal of one day being able to visit Korea.

Through my last year of college, I was a member of a local non-profit organization, performed in different role positions by working in high-class hotels and travel agencies. At this point, I was able to successfully apply all the earned skills and pursue my studies in the field of International Trade. My main goal was conducting research and spending time studying in-depth this subject but also learning about the different aspects of teamwork and leadership skills.

After completing my bachelor's degree in Tourist Business Management, my interest in the field of tourism became stronger and this is when I decided to come back to school to earn a certificate as a national tourist guide. While I was there, I learned more in depth about Mexican history and as well the history of the most important touristic sites inside Mexico.

One of my best work experiences was when I got hired at the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry. There, I had the responsibility to organize events for groups of more than 300 people. There was a time when I got to organize an event where the Mexican President would attend. This experience offered me different skills related with public relations and the chance to work with diverse political figures.

Another great work experience was the 6-month contract I acquired in the cruise company Carnival working in the sales department area of tax and duty-free, and I was awarded as the "employee of the month". Shortly after my contract ended, I opened my own travel agency named "''; which focuses on sports and leisure travel. My company continued organizing trips, i.e. to South Korea for the US based Foundation Orchestra in which 60 people were under my guide.

As for studying in Korea, I am interested in Jong Kim's work research, who is a M.A. in Business Strategies, because he will provide me with knowledge on how to take important business decisions. That will not only help me in my company, but it will change the way that Mexico is viewed overseas. I want to develop and understand creative industries in South Korea and internationally to learn to navigate the creative process, communicate effectively with other cultures and bring this culture to my country and my culture to theirs. I also want to learn from professor Hong who has a BA E-Business in Management, so I can take my company online and learn how to expand my business and take it internationally. All of the teachers on the master program will be beneficial to me; and I know I will be beneficial to them because I am innovative and I want to make a change.

When I was young, I almost died from falling from the third floor of a building. This experience has prepared me for the challenges and obstacles that life can bring. I believe it has also prepared me for any academic challenge I decide to embark upon. I feel highly motivated to continue my education and become accepted at this great University. I know that the business experiences that I had been collecting over the years would be a great asset to Hannam University and their International Trade program.

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Feb 5, 2021   #2
You forgot to inform me about what scholarship program you are applying to. Every scholarship foundation has specific requirements for the assessment of their candidates. I am not sure how I can best direct your personal statement development because of this. However, I will do my best and review this personal statement based on general requirements for universities, which might also be helpful to your scholarship application. Next time, please inform me about which scholarship program you are applying to.

Without knowing the actual prompt requirements which are normally supplied with the application packets that you download, I cannot fully say that your essay responds to the prompt requirements. In fact, the overall presentation of this essay is more geared towards a second undergraduate degree personal statement, rather than a masters degree application.

If you are applying to the GKS scholarship, then this essay lacks a professional motivation presentation. There is no clear career path in mind based on this presentation and there is no justification of your abilities as a researcher, educational qualifications for the course that would be relevant to the masters degree, and a more appropriate reason for studying in Korea.
Feb 5, 2021   #3
Oh! Im sorry. The scholarship program is GKS scholarship . There are 2 ways; embassy track and university track. I will apply by university track. The requirements on the Personal Statements are:

-Motivations with which you apply for this program
-Your education and work experience in relation to GKS.
-Reason for studying in Korea
-Any other aspects of your background and interests which may help us evaluate your aptitude and passion for graduate study or research.

Could you tell me what I must correct? please.

Thank you =D

Please let me know what do you suggest? Thanks for any sugestions that you may have. =D