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Learning Korean - GKS - Statement of Purpose - Language Study Plan

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Mar 26, 2021   #1
Please kindly advise what needs to be improved :)

Korean Alphabet is quite understandable

The lectures in my chosen major will be delivered in Korean, therefore, to fully understand the lectures and get the most out of the learning opportunity in South Korea, I have to gain higher proficiency in Korean. I set a target to get an advanced level in TOPIK test result and also improve my writing and speaking skill in English which are still below proficiency user level (IELTS band 7) in the first year in South Korea.

Learning Korean has caught my interest, especially because of the ease to understand Hangeul. I have learned Korean from several sources, such as the book "Basic Korean: A Grammar and Workbook" by Andrew Byon, a podcast by Talk to Me in Korean, and a mobile application by King Sejong Institute Foundation. Last year I took the self-assessment level test at sejonghakdang.org and received level placement 2A which mention that I still need to improve my grammar and understanding. As for English, I have been used to English material such as course textbooks in university or specification documents at work. Even though I had an overall band 7 in IELTS, I still need to improve my writing and speaking skills. I received several pieces of advice to improve my English skill from the IELTS test result and that will be the focus of my English study plan.

Before I come to South Korea, I plan to focus on improving my grammar structure and lexical resource. For Korean, I will continue to learn the intermediate-level material from those sources mentioned above. After continuing self-learning for two months, I will take the self-assessment level test once again to gauge my proficiency. If the level placement result is still the same, then I will enroll in an online formal class, otherwise, I will continue to learn the advanced-level material from those sources. For English, I will continue to enrich my vocabulary by using flashcards mobile applications and practice my writing skill by summarizing a book or news.

After I come to South Korea, I will focus my effort on the Korean Language Program from the Global Korea Scholarship, including reading the material before class and consulting any challenges with the lecturer. Also, I believe that using Korean and English on daily basis will boost up my proficiency and confidence, especially my speaking skill. Therefore, I plan to engage with other awardees and join the Overseas Indonesian Students Association Alliance in Korea (PPI-Korea PERPIKA). I also plan to join the Korean culture community to be able to adapt faster in South Korea.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,574 4445  
Mar 27, 2021   #2
The language study plan is normally responded to within 1-2 paragraphs that immediately outline the pre-Korea and post-Korea language learning plans. This is not an over discussed study plan that takes over a whole page because there are other discussion requirements to be considered, in addition to languages, as a part of the normal Statement of Purpose plans. These include languages and goal of study plans.

This discussion is too long, keep it short, summarized, but informative. You do not need extremely long introductory paragraphs or over extended discussions. Just start immediately with your pre-arrival language study plans as you are currently practicing. Then immediately move into the post - arrival study plans. Paragraphs 2 and 4 contain the basic responses to the prompt, as required. The response you wrote in paragraph 3 should be merged into a short form within paragraph 2 as it relates to the same discussion focus.

Use paragraphs 2 and 4 to create a more interesting and directed response to the question. Why do you have to keep the language study short? So that you can follow the discussion format as required for your goal of study on the same page.

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