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Some light on my career - SOP for masters in management information science: Fall 2016

kmomer 1 / -  
Dec 5, 2015   #1
While reasoning my intentions to pursue MS in Management Information Systems at Illinois Institute of Technology, would like to throw some light on my career till now, I am currently working with HSBC Global Technologies as a Software Engineer. I have decided to take a sabbatical leave and build a robust knowledge base to make myself equipped for the upcoming challenges and prepare myself for my ultimate career goal to be a Successful Software Professional.

I have received my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology, a premier institute of the Osmania University in India. The undergraduate study has given me a detailed understanding of the fundamental concepts of Computer Science. I began to comprehend many subtle nuances, realizing that there is a lot more to computers than mere programming of applications. Learning about 'Operating Systems' and 'Computer Architecture' gave me a vivid picture of the internal working of the computer. The 'Computer Networks' module, taught me how networks are built, utilized and maintained. I was inquisitive about the logical reasoning behind data extraction, and took keen interest in the 'Database Management' course.

While theoretical knowledge is essential, I owe a great deal of my development skills, to the practical experience I gained through the lab sessions. With a free hand to implement existing theories, while modifying them in accordance with my own ideas, I have found this to be creatively stimulating. I look forward to not only strengthening my knowledge and skill set, but also gain expertise in a specific domain i.e., Data Analysis and a master's degree is a vital stepping stone in this pursuit.

While pursuing my undergraduate study, with a strong desire to work on the Android platform, I applied my knowledge of Java to build my first ever Android application-The Emergency, during my junior year at college. Android application development was an epiphany for me, realizing the plethora of applications that could be built using it, which have the potential of affecting our everyday lives. My application helps a person to be tracked down immediately when in an emergency by a mere push of a button. The basic idea of Emergency Android Application is to provide help whenever required. The Long press of the volume button triggers the application which sends the location of the user with the help of GPS and sends it to the selected contact list via SMS. The Emergency application won 2nd prize at an IT fare among 120 participants held by our college.

After Graduation, I got a wonderful opportunity to work as a Software Engineer at HSBC Global Technologies. HSBC is a leading investment management and investment services company, uniquely focused to help clients manage and move their financial assets and succeed in the rapidly changing global marketplace. I got an opportunity to learn and perform many tasks such as Developed Data Stage Server Jobs where in using data stage and formatted, Cleaned, summarized, aggregated and transform data from different sources into data warehouse. Created Shell Scripts, which will intern call the Data Stage jobs with all paths to Source and targets and even with connection information. I Extensively used Datastage Manager, Designer, Administrator, and Director for creating and implementing jobs.

I believe extracurricular activities and student bodies are an important part of college life. I was the Head of Marketing at CSI-MJCET (Computer Society of India) and the captain of our college Basketball team. I was a member of AIESEC Hyderabad which is the largest non-profit organization aiming at enhancing global interaction via international exchange program. Our job was to interact with students across the globe as per the Incoming Global Internship (IGI) program and convince them to pursue their internship here in Hyderabad. This program gave me an opportunity to improve my interpersonal skills. These have imbibed in me a deep sense of leadership. Participating in such activities has enhanced my organizational and communication skills. In all, such rich experiences have given me the confidence to take up a competitive master's degree and also excel at it.

Information technology is a further step to mankind. From the past few decades, the capabilities of both generation and collection of data has been increasing in great pace. The main factor here is the computerization in all the sectors such as business, science, government and management. In addition to these, the World Wide Web which is a global information system has loaded us with a tremendous amount of data and information. The present scenario of online banking transactions is a good example of the need of secure and convenient information system. This explosive growth in stored data has generated an urgent need for new techniques and tools that can intelligently assist us in the management of data and information. So, defining new methods and utilizing the present tools of managing information system in a more efficient way could be a flourishing frontier in the information field for the days ahead. Besides, we should not forget: The need is great in the future.

In conclusion, I feel that pursuing "Management Information Systems" at Illinois Institute of Technology is the best extension to my career as it is related to my new found interest. I found your esteemed university, known for its great facilities, will be the ideal place for me to pursue my graduate studies. Interacting with the best minds of the world will be an enriching experience and this will spur me on, to being the very best in my field. I eagerly look forward to be a part of your academic community and requisite financial assistance in this regard would give me a tremendous boost in my pursuit of these goals.[/b][/b]
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Dec 7, 2015   #2
Mohammed, I would like to share my insights for the last part of your essay, your conclusion.


- In conclusion, I feelbelieve that pursuing
- is the best extension to my career as it isthe perfect fit to further my academic portfolio and is related to my new found interest.

- I found yY our esteemed university,
- in this regard would give me a tremendous boost in my pursuit of thesemy goals.

Mohammed, I made a few corrections that can hopefully strengthen your essay.

I hope it helps and make your conclusion justify what you have been working from the beginning of the essay.
For future reference, make sure that keep that mainline and flow of your essay and the idea to glide all the way to
the final sentence of your essay.
anujyadav7547 1 / 4  
Dec 16, 2015   #3
Hi Mohammed,

I think the essay is good. I believe there is a scope for improvement in the introduction. Can you support your first line, where you have mentioned your interest, with your inspiration or motivating force. I do not see a connect there.

Also, I think, it is better to start description of your current role in next para.


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