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LOI for MA in International Development - career engagement

reenaz 1 / 1  
Jan 20, 2020   #1

the letter of interest

I write to apply for the Master in Globalization and International Development starting in September 2020 at the University of xx. I am strongly convinced that this degree from one of the leading and reputable universities of the world will enrich my capacity academically, help me understand the contemporary issues in development, and improve on my career possibilities in this field, while allowing me to contribute in providing sustainable solutions to the socio-economic problems.

In my current job at <company name>. as the Head of <designation>, I work closely with various stakeholders like Government, INGOs, NGOs, private organizations etc. in bettering the financial inclusion scenario of <country name>. My work in driving digital financial inclusion for low-income groups, small businesses, and women entrepreneurs has strongly motivated me to be more involved in development initiatives leading to sustainable growth and contributing directly towards the betterment of the society. To gain an understanding of the theory and strategies used to address developmental agendas and to learn how these can be and are being applied in real-life case studies effectively, I have decided to pursue a Master's degree in International development.

Canada is my preferred destination, as studying in a bilingual country will provide me with the opportunity to strengthen my French language abilities, which I believe will enhance access to international careers for me in the future. My reason for applying to University Of Ottawa is that it has one of the largest academic unit specializing in international development, which will allow me to explore various facets of development. Since I come from a totally different academic and profession background (business administration), I believe that it is crucial for me to choose a course that would give me a broader and comprehensive understanding of the field. Several faculty members at the University has extensive experience in this part of the world specifically <country name>, which makes this program a good fit for me.

After finishing my graduation in business administration from <university name> I soon started my career with SC Bank and pursued my MBA from the same institute in parallel. Since both the admissions for my BBA and MBA are highly competitive based on entrance exam, where more than 5000 students take part, and only 60 get admitted, I am confident that I possess the necessary aptitude to manage the course load despite my lack of exposure to some relevant courses. While being employed in highly demanding job roles, and also being a mother, I have also pursued a prestigious certification in project management (PMPĀ®) from Project Management Institute, and learned French as a fourth language, besides my fluency in Bengali, English and Hindi. This only proves my eagerness and dedication towards continuously pursuing knowledge in diversified fields.

Over the 12+ years of my career in banks, telecommunications and fin-tech companies, I have gained valuable insights about consumer behavior through relevant market research, on field learning about external factors that play critical role in the success of commercial products and services, and ample practical experience in implementing multi-stakeholder projects. I want to apply my analytical ability coupled with my cross-functional leadership and project management skills into understanding and addressing complex, multifaceted problems in the development world that simultaneously encompass economic, political, social, cultural, religious, legal, ethical and environmental elements. My experience in working with potential foreign investors, regulatory bodies and top management in fast growing corporates has made me prudent with focus to details, and endowed in me the capacity to prepare targeted communication for specific audiences. My extensive work with new businesses and business models has enriched me with knowledge and practical applications of cost-benefit analysis, which I believe is crucial to any project. Heading the <department name> wing, I often write reports for high end stakeholders like the Ministers, high level Government officials. It gives me immense pleasure to mention that I had developed the speaking points for the Minister of <ministry name>, Government of <country name> to present to her Majesty Queen of Netherlands UN Secretary-General's Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development, during her visit to <country name>.

Since I currently work under a PPP (Public Private Partnership) model, where my organization is tendered by < organisation name> to digitize their financial service, I am highly motivated in understanding the dynamics of PPP; the role private sector and public policy plays in development; and how to utilize the private sector for sustainable economic growth, human development while reducing the negative impacts on the environment.

Being the only female leader in my organization of over 1000 employees, I strongly feel the necessity in creating more female leaders as diversity plays a critical role in decision making. My aim is to decrease gender inequality in leadership roles, through empowering women by promoting capacity building and creating female entrepreneurs to lead by example. One of my current projects <partner organization name> for UNCDF focuses on 'Promoting digital financial services for women micro-merchants in rural areas'; where working with women micro-merchants from the grass-root level has deepened my strife to make significant contributions towards positive social change through women empowerment. It has also intrigued my interest to gain the capacity to carry out research and understand the extent to which various factors are affecting people at a grassroots level.

All the projects I have worked with has helped me develop my knowledge in how to use strategic partnerships and apply technology and innovation for growth and development. I believe that a Master's degree in International Development will enable me to better utilize my practical experience into various sectors of development. With the goal to engage myself in a career in International Development, I hope that you will consider my application suitable for your program.

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,892 2170  
Jan 20, 2020   #2
Wow! This is definitely too long and presents too much relevant and irrelevant information. This is almost 1000 words. An LOI should only be a cover letter of no more than one page. Rather than revising the letter, you should write a new one instead that focuses on specific information that could be of interest to the reviewer. Use it to highlight your motivation, your objectives, and why you chose the university. Those are the targeted topics that you have to discuss in an overview form within the LOI. Expanded discussions of each topic will be further highlighted in specific application essays for the program. This letter should only be a summary of the information so you should be able to do that within 3-5 paragraphs in the new, not revised, letter.
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Jan 20, 2020   #3
Thank you so much for your feedback

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