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A loving and caring personality befitting a career as an Anesthesiologist Assistant

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Jan 22, 2016   #1
Please explain your motivation for selecting a career in healthcare and specifically why you are interested in becoming an anesthesiologist assistant. Describe how your personal and professional background will help you achieve your career goals and eminently suit you for this profession.

I grew up with four much younger siblings, and with 8 years seniority over my next closest in age, I was expertly nudged by my parent to assume big responsibilities quite early on. By the age of 10, I was responsible for all the daily household chores along with the wellbeing of my four younger siblings, whose ages ranged from newly born to six years old. Due to the large age gaps, I often assumed more of a maternal role while taking care of my siblings. I had to fulfill this role for over a decade, all throughout my high school years, along with most of my college years. The heavy burden of those years has proved destructive on my academic performance. Yet, being the care giver of my siblings had taught me to be detail-oriented, a sanity preserving skill I often deploy during back-to-school seasons. My decade long experience had also required me to be emotionally stable, a pillar of security for those kids, all the while it had fostered deep within me an ever present caring nature. While my grade wasn't stellar, I was able to persevere and finished my college education in the hope of setting another example for my younger siblings.

After graduating college, I worked a few jobs in finance under advisory and administrative role. I quickly found the aggressive nature of the work in the financial sectors rather unappealing with its heavy focus on the individual's success. I decided to embark on a new career path, one that's more aligned with my compassionate and caring personality. I decided that few career paths embody these attributes as wholesomely as a career in healthcare. Although, I'm required to attend school once again, my motivation seemed much more clarified this second time around. My subsequent successes in enrolled science courses such as anatomy and physiology, advanced human cadaver, biochemistry, and physics furthered confirmed my decision to work in healthcare.

Healthcare is an extensive industry comprised of a wide range of fields and specialties, a daunting aspect in my effort to narrow down a specific career. Fortunately, I was granted medical internship for a semester in the spring of 2012 at Lutheran hospital. By letting me volunteered in the emergency room (ER) for the first few weeks, then afterward, in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), this opportunity has allowed me to observe the daily tasks and functions of the numerous healthcare professionals Yet, it was my time volunteered in the ER and the NICU unit that proved to be eye-opening as I was able to discern the best quality of patient care depends largely on good doctor-patient relationship and effective teamwork among the healthcare staff. Witnessing a patient's remarkable recoveries made possible through effective caregiving has made me realized how rewarding it can be if I was to be part of the healthcare field. Toward the end, I was also able to explore other departments in the hospital including MRI, nuclear imaging, and radiology which presented a unique experience to appreciate technical aspect of healthcare.

Although my internship was over, my time spent helping the healthcare staff and patients has proven quite rewarding on its own, so I'd continued to volunteer at the neonatal intensive care unit for the next three and a half years. Since then, I've switched to the recovery unit, and have been volunteered there for more than six months. During this time, I was given the opportunity to shadow an anesthesiologist in the operating room for a few months. He taught me a lot about the physiology and pharmacology aspects of the field by letting me observing many different surgical procedures from colostomy reversal to robotic assisted laparoscopic incisional hernia repair. While the surgical procedures seem complex and invasive, they didn't involve the anesthesiologist; rather he was there to monitor the unconscious patient throughout the procedures, and to ensure the patients feel no pain for the duration of their surgeries by administering local anesthetics. Anesthesia care often involved only ind he move on to the next patient. These aspects of anesthesiology have proved very appealing to me, which prompted me to entertain the possibility on anesthesiologist as a profession. However, becoming an anesthesiologist meant considerable amounts of time and resources to be allocated for medical school and residency. Time I can ill effort now that I'm in my early thirties, with plan to start my family soon.

The allure of a career in anesthesiology still warranted further research on my part, which ultimately resulting in me learning about the rather new anesthesiologist assistant (AA) programs being offered. Anesthesiology assistant has a similar role as an anesthesiologist but work under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. This is ideal because I'm great with following directions, and remaining attentive to the task at hand. I also understand that being an effective team member doesn't necessitate becoming the team leader. The time commitment for the AA program is rather short, a two year master program which upon completion allows me to be part of an anesthesia care team. Their schedules often involve a shorter work week, also presumably less erratic than those of other healthcare professionals, according to my research. These desirable career prospects have my interest peaked as they align harmoniously with my personality, while also accommodate nicely with my family planning. Beside the wonderful experiences and opportunities presented during this time, the extended period I've dedicated to volunteering at the hospital, if anything, served as testament to my loving and caring personality. Becoming an anesthesiology assistant will enable me to derive satisfaction from implementing the best patient care, in part, being an effective team member of healthcare providers.

I'll appreciate greatly any comment and input on improving my application essay. Thank you very much.

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Jan 24, 2016   #2
Something to consider: when I read the prompt, what jumps out at me is the question "why do you NEED to be an AA?" In some sense, it feels like you're describing your resume-with all the excitement that entails. While some of that may be necessary, it might help you to bring a little emotion and first person perspective into it. What happened to you to make you the kind of person who needs to do this? How did it feel? and so on.

You might be qualified, but they want to know what makes you special.

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