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"Machines and a Tech Degree" - SOP For Naval Architecture in Masters degree

Machines have become an integral part of human life Those ranging from highly sophisticated ones like robots,heavy machinates etc to simple house hold gadgets are widely in use today and it wouldn't be exaggerated to say that humans have literally made themselves more or less dependent on machines. The innovations and expansion of newer machinates are one of the major thing happening now.Thus the study about different machinates and a career in the field of Mechanical engineering is always worth having. The vastness of the field of mechanical engineering and the peculiar nature of the course which allows the undertakers to divert to many areas of specialization has always been the specialty of the subject.. Thus being a person who has completed B-Tech in mechanical engineering , I also would like to go deep into the subject and specialize in some particular area and i have chosen that special area to be naval architecture.

"Why the filed of naval architecture??" When i as this question to myself, I had always come up with multiple reasons convincing myself that this is the field my interest lies within. My interest in machines dates back long time. The experience with simple machines at home and around me has made me fond of the basic pumps and other small machinates. . And when i completed my 12th grade and cleared my entrance exams, I had no hesitation in opting Mechanical Engineering as i could realize it is the area where my aptitude lies within.I was admitted in Mechanical Engineering in one of the best colleges in state whose Mechanical Branch has been approved by AICTE as one of the best available in the state,.In my 3rd and 4th semester, i had the opportunity to practically do and understand the principles of fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines. Welding is another filed which has influenced me very much during the course period . In my 5th semester I was accustomed with some of the basic about ships and ship structure. Also I had done a B-Tech project in Bearing failure Analysis using shock pulse method. Naval Architecture is one field where almost all application of Mechanical Engineering comes into being like fluid mechanics, Hydraulic machines, Production technology,Welding , Piping,Strength Of materials etc. Hence i felt by opting the Naval Architecture filed I would be able to contribute my knowledge and help me have a career in the core industry of Mechanical Engineering where more or less all the aspects of the subject comes into being.

Before pursuing my B Tech degree, I had completed my schooling from one of the most prestigious school in the city affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education in India and I could score a total of 92 percentage After completing my B Tech I did a PG diploma course in Naval Architecture from a DNV accredited institution in Cochin, India. The syllabus of the source included Ship structure where i could learn about the loads coming on the ship hull and also how the safe load transfer is enhanced. Another important part of the study was about ships drawings and a detailed study about the lines plan of the hull. Then there was ship hydrostatics where i could familiarize with the hydrostatic particulars like trim heal and all the terms and conditions of hydrostatics. Then comes the most interesting filed I consider - Stability of Ships. The syllabus gave me a detailed description of Ship Stability, the stability criteria, The GZ curve, the stability booklet etc. The course has helped me understanding and learning the basics of naval architecture.

With all the knowledge i acquired from my degrees i could get a job as graduate engineering trainee ina private shipyard named Tebma Shipyard in udupi, Karnataka, India where i have been working from 2009 to present. .I was appointed in the Production department as Graduate Engineer trainee and the ship I had to deal with was a 74 mts LOA Multi Purpose Supply vessel(MPSV) which involved an approval from DNV. My first responsibility in the company was monitoring and managing fabrication and erection of hull blocks and presenting it to DNV and clearing the surveys. My main concentration was to the transome and aft hull blocks which included Stain less steels tanks within it. With the aid of my hard work and my sincere contribution, i could get myself confirmed in the institution and promoted to Production Engineering with new responsibilities in another department of piping.

Piping was entirely a different area where my responsibility was fabrication, erection, and pressure testing of the different piping system assigned to me. The 74 mts ship had around 22000 mts of piping which included 43 piping systems. Apart from the basic ship systems like ballast, Fuel Oil, Lub Oil, etc the vessel also had 9 cargo systems exclusively used for cargo intake and transfer. the main cargo systems include FO cargo, Dry Bulk, Liq Mud, Brine Cargo etc. Apart from these two classifications , the piping in the vessel consist of hydraulically operated machinery systems like Deck Machinery, Stern thruster hydraulics, oil Distribution Hydraulics etc. i was actively involved in the fabrication and erection of piping systems, clearing the route inspection survey and pressure testing by DNV.

I do consider myself very much lucky to be a part in production where all the practical hindrance of the industry comes into being. Now I am in a state where I can solve the problems arising in the production with confidence.The basic ideas i acquired in the field would definitely help me in going into more details into the different aspect of the subject, so i decided to pursue a Masters degree in naval Architecture.

I had gone through the profile of the university and find it very attractive. I would be very much glad if I could be a part of an university which is ranked in the first 20 universities by Times magazine. .The opportunity to do research under the university banner is very much attractive.The marine technology research topics are also very interesting and i would be like to assist or be a part of the Industrial Competitive research which includes topics like design and manufacturing precess, material and structure of vessels etc if possible. Also I find the modules offered in Naval Architecture in Newcastle university quite attractive and worth learning. also.I have gone through the course details and feel that the modules include topics in which i have some basic knowledge. As I was in the hull department in my organization, i am able to familiarize myself with the plate behavior, distortions and the grill age and load transfer criteria. Also i was trained in my PG Diploma course the basics of resistance and propulsion's. Hence i believe the basics of the modules being offered by your prestigious university are are families with me.So I strongly believe that I would be able to improve my skills and ideas once I learn about the subjects in more details.

Well even after working for two years in the Ship Building field, I realize that I have acquired only a little knowledge in this vast field of naval architecture. Hence I believe that by pursuing a MSc degree in Naval Architecture and with the help and blessing of Almighty, i would be able to contribute much more to the industry and also would help me prosper a career as a Naval Architect.

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Household can be just one word:
...household gadgets are widely in use today, and it...

"Why the filed field of naval architecture?"-----only one question mark.

When I ask this question to myself, I had always come up with multiple reasons convincing myself that this is the field of my interest. My interest in machines

I hope you will capitalize "I" in the final draft of this essay!
...where I have been...

Do not use "very much" in this situation:
I do consider myself very much lucky to be...

Again here: ... would be very much glad if...

I could be a part of an a university which is ...

Alright, this is quite impressive! I can tell you are a serious student. :-)

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