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Essay for Master of Mathematical Finance---Why this program/ what steps have you taken to decide

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Nov 2, 2015   #1
The prompts have three parts and I use bold font for them. I use some old examples and I highlight the new parts in blue so that you can focus on the new parts.

Please check my grammar check or give me your opinion on the content. Thank you very much!

a. Why are you choosing to pursue a mathematical finance degree over a more general finance degree? (up to 250 words)
I discovered my interest in data processing during my undergraduate study. Before taking any data processing classes, I already used Excel to predict the income of a hotel with a nonlinear model consisting of 5 variables (e.g. advertisement spending, room prices) in a National Business Simulation Competition.I realized from this experience that statistic methods and advanced quantitative techniques were crucial in financial modeling, so I made up my mind to continue my education in the field of mathematical finance. To ensure that my mathematical skills would be at the desired level, I chose the most difficult level for all mathematic lessons.

From your course description, I learned that MSMF provides lots of programming classes which I find very useful in financial modeling. As there were limited programming courses for accounting major students in my university, I used the Swirl R package to learn the basics of R language by myself. In theManagement of Corporate Financial Risk class, I improved my programming skills while doing my class assignment of demonstrating Support Vector Machines (SVM) with an application. Rather than sticking to the reference materials my professor provided, which only introduced the application of SVM on SPSS, I demonstrated its application on MATLAB and my final thesis was published.I understand my self-learned knowledge is not enough for my future career, so I would love to study in your esteemed program which highlights the importance of mathematics and programming.

b. What steps have you taken to ensure that Boston University Questrom School of Business is right for your studies? (up to 250 words)
In the search of a big city where lots of internship and work opportunities can be found, Boston quickly becomes my choice. I am sure your well-rounded career programs will guide me towards my desired career. The career-oriented activities such as on-campus information sessions and the Questrom Career Fair will help bolster my professional strengths. The great location of Boston where lots of intern and work opportunities can be found also appeals to me. I will have chances to have a deeper look into the US's financial market since interning and working in Boston are within close proximity.

The alumni network and summer internship opportunity also appeals to me. I will have numerous opportunities to connect with alumni of the Math Finance program and put my newly developed skills to the test in a two-month summer internship.

As an international student, I understand the difficulties for me to find a job in the US, so I want to pursue my graduate study in a program which highlights technical skills. Your rigorous curriculum will equip me with a solid financial and quantitative skill set.

As a student good at sport and piano, I was also searching for a university where a well-rounded student is high valued. Since Boston University has many different clubs and organizations, I believe I can expand my Questrom experience by joining a student organization and build a strong network.

c. What are your immediate post-graduation career plans, and how do they fit into your longer term professional goals? (up to 250 words)
Over the course of my career, I plan on becoming an economist with the aim of improving the Chinese financial system.However, one cannot analyze a huge market without fully understanding a small firm first . Therefore I am looking forward to working with an investment management firm after finishing my Master's degree. I will be able to help customers evaluate their business plans and provide investment advice by doing market research and synthesizing massive amounts of data.I believe working in the US whose financial system is fully developed will offer me essential insights into the world of professional finance.

I decided my long term career goal
after attending Demystifying the Chinese Economy, a course taught by Justin Yifu Lin, the former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank. I learned that with limited channels available to raise capital, the Chinese financial system has yet to hit maturity to balance out the labor-intensive small and medium-sized firms which have a great comparative advantage in the world. As there is limited legal protection for private loans and numerous restrictions for commercial lending, bigger firms have greater ability to raise money from banks, enlarging the wage gap in China. This results in the limited flow of capital into the companies with the highest comparative advantage, decreasing the competitiveness of China in the world market. Thus, I am eager to learn how a fully developed financial market works in the US by continuing my studies at Boston University.
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Nov 2, 2015   #2

These 3 short questions will be read together and after reading your responses, I already see glaring alarms here. The first thing is that you state your long term goals are to eventually help the Chinese financial system, however, you are choosing Boston primarily for the internships and work opportunities. Let me say, 99% of international students applying to these programs say this. The adcoms know that this is highly unlikely as the vast majority of students end up staying in the country. With that being said, it's best to just stick to one pathway and make that the theme for all three responses here. That is to say that you should either focus on working within the American financial system specializing in Chinese markets or just obtaining a more global education to bring back to China.

Lastly, your response to Part A is good, however, I think you should focus more on your mathematical strengths and your lack of understanding of higher level finance as your reason to go for this degree over a general finance degree. This is the answer they are looking for. - Admissions Advice Online (.com)
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Nov 3, 2015   #3
Thank you for your advice. Before I revise it I have a question first.

These 3 short questions will be read together and after reading your responses, I already see glaring alarms here

Do you mean that I should write a whole essay instead of splitting it into 3 parts?

Thanks a lot!

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