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Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Engineering specialization

Sam96 1 / -  
Feb 7, 2021   #1


I am writing this to express my interest and strong motivation for the Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Engineering specialization.

The surge in world population, changing environmental conditions, and more stringent norms demand highly efficient, optimized, innovative, and sustainable mechanical components and systems. The design, development, production and management of such components & systems require a deep understanding of the process and in-depth know-how of the specific subject matter. Having been in the automotive industry for more than three years, I know the importance of precisely engineered, efficient and innovative mechanical products. Thus, my aspiration to take up the Master program in Mechanical Engineering conforms to my goal of playing an effective and a leading role in the design and development of such mechanical components & systems in the future.

I admire KU Leuven for its academic excellence, world-wide reputation and excellent academia-industry relationship. KU Leuven offers courses that are very well structured focusing on the real outcome with a focus on latest methods and techniques. The courses in the Mechanical Engineering program with automotive engineering orientation are very relevant to my interest, my educational and professional background. After thorough review of the curriculum of this program, my desire to enrol to this program has increased significantly, as the studies will help me gain experience and advance my knowledge in areas such as numerical modelling, solid mechanics, structural dynamics, NVH, and drive systems. Along with the quality of theoretical knowledge, this program offers valuable practical experience and knowledge through workshops, projects and lab work. This will help me understand how to apply the knowledge I gain theoretically, in complex real-world problems. Also, I will have the opportunity to develop myself in an international environment, giving me the privilege to meet new people with different points of view. As an outcome of this Master's program, I see myself as a more efficient engineer with a wider perspective focusing on the innovation and the sustainability aspect.

I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, India. During my study, I worked on many innovative and challenging projects such as the design & manufacturing of an efficient hybrid tricycle and design of the electromagnetic braking system which deepened my interest to work in the automotive industry in future. After my bachelor's, I opted to work in Steel Strips Wheels Ltd. (SSWL), a wheel design and manufacturing company, in the R&D department. I have learned a lot during my stay at SSWL working as a lead designer in various projects for worldwide OEM's. The work at SSWL has introduced me to the complexities and the real practical challenges that are faced during the design & development of a critical mechanical component. It has also enabled me to develop essential technical and organizational skills for the successful development of precisely engineered and innovative components. With this experience and with these skills, I am sure that I will now be able to understand the courses in the Master's program with a wider perspective and with the full understanding.

I realize the highly competitive demands of the program, but I have the ability, ambition, and motivation to exceed the requirements and to excel at the university. I assure you to fully contribute to the course's intended learning outcomes. Therefore, I would be very proud and happy if I receive admission to this program.

Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,667 3487  
Feb 8, 2021   #2
The motivation for choosing the university is too superficial. It is based on commonly known information and what you expect to learn. It does not relate to what your professional motivation is and how these courses will help you become a better automotive mechanic in the future. As far as your motivation is concerned, the desire to learn must be equivalent to a desire to grow professionally. So, what is your professional motivation for taking these courses? What is it about Mechanical Engineering that you hope to improve, or what is the specific problem you hope to address, after having received advanced training?

Sure you know the importance of these courses to mechanical engineering, but what is so special about automotive engineering in particular, that you feel this course will help you address? What more do you want to learn about automotive engineering and why? Additionally, will the courses offered by university help you gain information about these interests of yours?

Balance the discussion. You have a good start at the moment. You need to add information and edit the presentation to make it more interesting. Right now, it is one dimensional and lacking in a professional motivation , in relation to your academic interests.

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