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Master in Translational Cosmetics and Dermatological Sciences Motivational Letter

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Jan 27, 2020   #1

A dedicated, versatile young biochemist

For admission in the above mentioned programme, a Motivation Letter in English is required. In the letter, the candidate should explain how past experiences have prepared him/her for participation in the programme, how it's likely to improve his or her own career perspectives, and why the candidate is interested in the Master. May you kindly assist, first time posting :)

A dedicated, versatile young biochemist who is aimed at improving the qualities of lives of the growing global population with Science defines who I am. Science is a fascinating subject, from basic principles such as the components of life to more complex narrow fields such as Biochemistry, which finds many applications in Industry. The curiosity to know how things come into existence advanced from an early age into a passion, and in all facets of life, I gravitate towards quick adaptation, rapid revolution, and tackling challenges. The desire of making people feel good and confident in their skin flourished when I realized that we (humans) are the only limitations to ourselves. Optimism, creativity and staying up to date with trends energize me!

Being a prefect in high school and a training facilitator during internship has boosted my confidence and communication skills and so has my ability to demonstrate, instruct and explain. I am equally capable of working independently and as an adaptable team member in a diverse team setting from my solid background of two years in Research and Development. Formulation development and continual improvement of products are the core activities of my job, and through this responsibility, I have attained a sound and investigative mind, and a methodical approach to work amongst other skills. I have gained an understanding of customer needs and requirements and how to integrate them into products/services.

I have also worked in the Quality Control Department as a Laboratory Technician for over two years, where I have attained skills which include; observation, planning, problem-solving, time management, presentation, report writing, numeracy, and vast other analytical skills, being guided by ISO systems. I am a hands-on person and I find practical work the most exciting, that is why I choose the European Master in Translational Cosmetic and Dermatological Sciences. The creative possibilities of what this program would offer in terms of technical knowledge and entrepreneurship are both appealing and exciting to me, as I am keen to venture into business in the future.

Just as important as theoretical and work experiences have taken me this far, I still owe the technological advancements for making me a diligent and compassionate biochemist as social media has opened up windows for us to see the world. Where I grow up, there isn't much education on following passions and dreams and the study of Translational Cosmetic and Dermatological Sciences is not a very common subject. I have three years of work experience in the Food and Beverage Industry. However, I do not want to be one of the many frustrated professionals who are victims of the system so I choose to develop a career in the areas that I am truly passionate about and I want to be an example in my community and lead the younger ones in the right direction. According to John Quincy Adams, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, become more, do more, you are a leader!"

According to statistics, the International Beauty Industry is expected to be worth $635.7 billion this year. In Africa, brands are joining the profitable market, and in Zimbabwe, the manufacturing industry has grown marginally between August 2017 and August 2018. With the adverse economic instability the country has been facing, the local market has increased prices to stay in business. Therefore, this has pushed many out of business, leaving a few to manufacture their products externally. The affordable cosmetic products on the market are imported and not of quality as importation taxes for genuine products is extremely high. This leaves Zimbabwe a target of the counterfeit market.

Coming from a developing country, an understanding of unique processes will enable me to stay abreast of the progression of innovative technology in the field. The most interesting fact is that this program will not limit me to scientific evidence-based knowledge, but will also provide me with a prominent perspective of the global industrial part, that will also enable my society to benefit through my exposure. After getting in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of Personal Care products, I intend to get my hands-on in the industry and get my first job to gain valuable experience. I will then create my network by joining the industry's leading professional organizations, and attend events hosted by key industry players. I will keep myself updated with the current trends through social networking sites to find other opportunities to connect with industry professionals.

I would want to take this path far from home because I believe that "there is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the growth zone.' The Erasmus Mundus program is a world leader in education, therefore living and studying in over two countries would be ideal because it brings out the diversity of the world. The international reputation of the program also attracts such a variety of students and I believe it will be a stimulating environment that will help build a sustainable future and improve the way I live.

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Jan 28, 2020   #2
This not a motivational letter. This is a biography that does not reflect the prompt requirements. Perhaps the instructions for writing the motivational letter were not clear to you. So let me spell it out for you. This letter should contain the following information:

Par. 1 - What course you want to study. Introduce the foundation of your interest. Do not go back to high school. Use your current professional requirements to present this information.

Par. 2 - What is the next step in your career? Why will completing this course help you to prepare for that step? Why are the classes you will be taking relevant to your career advancement?

Par. 3 How is your current work experience relevant to the course you plan to complete? Why do you think that your current work experience have prepared you for this course? Since you seem to be coming from a totally different career, how can you justify your ability to complete the masters course requirements?

Par. 4 - What is the motivation / reason that you chose this university? State your academic requirements that the university can help you address. What do you hope to contribute to the learning process that can help other students based on your related work experience?

Par. 5 - Concluding statement.

The essay can be completed in 4-5 paragraphs. You just need to make sure that you present relevant information throughout to support a strong motivation on your part to complete this masters course.
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Jan 28, 2020   #3
Thank you so much for taking time to review my letter, I appreciate. I did indicate the course i want to study but i guess, I have to dwell more on it, and add more detail as you indicated. In paragraph 6 is also my short and long term goals, this will need expansion too. I understand that I have to take down a lot of information where I talk anout myself for it not to sound like a biography and focus more on the pointers you indicated. I will try to restructure and organize my information into those paragraphs and re-post. May you please review once I have done so.
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Jan 28, 2020   #4
I'll suggest you talk less of your job/working experience and your skills as well so you will have words for your course of study. By the way, what's the word limit?
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Feb 2, 2020   #5
ok, thank you. My word limit is 750 words

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