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'Mechanical Engineering is the best option to take' - Motivation Letter, Admission

milanchandra 1 / -  
Oct 21, 2011   #1
Motivation Letter

I would like to introduce myself as Milan Chandra Barma. I have completed my bachelor of science in engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka. I always sought new challenges, new questions and new answers and I do believe that it has been this lust for novelty which has led me toward educational success. Out of my multiple fields of interest, I had been extremely fascinated with the novelty and complexity of the Robotics, Mechatronics, IC engine, HVAC and automotive engineering. I wish to seek admission into the Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering program because I do not feel entirely satisfied with the skills base that I have acquired through my undergraduate studies. Additionally, I believe the MSME program will allow me to gain a more complete understanding of my aforementioned topics of interest, and, pave the way to a successful career in the future.

I currently work as an Assistant Manager(Mechanical) in Shaympur Sugar Mills Limited a sister concern of Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation(BSFIC). I joined there on 14th November 2010. It was a wonderful working experience in Sugar industry which has different types of mechanical machineries/systems like boiler, steam turbine, Centrifugal machines, Sugar cane crushing unit, cane carrier, bagasse carrier, different types of pump, condenser. In those days, I got more interested towards Mechanical Aspect of machine. As per as the job aspect in South Asian region primarily in Bangladesh, Mechanical Engineering is the best option to take it as a career.

Now a day everyone is trying to incorporate latest technology in every day life. However owner of industries are also looking for latest technology for efficient production system with reduced human effort . They are installing automatic machineries instead of manual machineries. Open business policy also compelled them to concentrate on well-organized technology aiming to reduce their production cost. Having Master of Mechanical Engineering will help me a lot to suit with latest technology and work in a technology oriented industry.

Italy has remarkable bilateral relation with my country Bangladesh and is one of the active countries constantly helping us. When I researched, I found out that --------- is one of the world's leading institutes handling research work and providing range of subject from Bachelor in Science to Professional Doctorate in Engineering, Architecture and Design. In addition,--------- is an international university specializing in engineering science & technology, contributing through excellent teaching and research to progress in the technical sciences, to the development of technological innovations. Meanwhile it has collaboration with other renowned university to set up a standard in world's technological stage. The graduates from --------- have been absorbed by leading companies as well.

Living in Italy and continuing higher study is hard especially for the students coming from small under developed country like Bangladesh. The country lacks highly skilled, trained professional Engineers. There are very few who prefer in pursuing post graduation specifically in this field. Scholarship is the only way to come across and be able to complete the studies. Therefore, I would also like to keep my strong candidacy for the scholarship.

Please give me some advice:
Is it enough(length)?.
Is it in right pattern?.
what paragraph should be removed/included(if any)?.
I am waiting for your worthy comments.

Mideo29 2 / 4  
Oct 21, 2011   #2
Hello Milan,
I think the introduction is rather weak. You should always mention the points of strengths that you have rather than mentioning your weaknesses. I t would be better to say "I want to pursue my M.A in...to add or to the skills I have developed as an undergraduate student." rather mentioning your dissatisfaction with your performance in your undergrad studies.

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