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MMS:Asset Mamagement at YALE

NingP 1 / -  
Jan 23, 2020   #1

What do you hope to accomplish in the asset management field?

Please use this question to explain your long-term career interests.
(300 word limit)

As an intern at a futures company, I engaged in a pilot project that aimed to innovate agricultural economy with insurance, futures, and bank products, which helped me have an in-depth understanding of various financial instruments. Because of this experience, I will consider combining insurance, options with other traditional financial products in the asset management field to enlarge the variety of portfolios and to be more adaptable to clients' needs in the future. What's more, with the rapid development in Big Data and Internet, more and more asset management companies will prefer to replace the labors and Excel with data management systems to reduce errors and losses in the process of asset management. So what I desire to do in my expected position is to connect Blockchain technology with data analytics to build a specific data platform between investors and companies to reduce information asymmetry and improve data security. Meanwhile, when considering investments in different industries, I will devote to building tailored data mining and analytic system or platform according to the investment situation of different industries, which will help improve information and data processing speed and investment efficiency.

I hope that along with my accumulative experiences in the financial industry and a solid quantitative foundation in the asset management sector, I can get to the position of a financial advisor, in the long run, to accomplish my tentative plans in the asset management field. Besides, as a senior profile in the asset domain, I would use my social networking skills cultivated at Yale to attract more clients and expand my relationship circle and would interact with famous investors to get progress. I hope, through the study of the Asset Management program, I can achieve my career goals and make contributions to the asset management field.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,333 2874  
Jan 24, 2020   #2
The actual goal of your interest in enrolling in this course is to become a financial adviser. Therefore, all of your career plans, potential movements, and goals should be aimed towards achieving that ultimate position in your profession. You should reverse the content of the essay to indicate the financial advisor position first, then work your way back in your discussion regarding how you plan to achieve that goal. That way, the relationship between the ultimate and penultimate goals will be clearer and more logical to understand when the reviewer reads your response. It should be as follows:

1. Ultimate goal
2. Explanation of why you have chosen this goal
3. Penultimate goals that will help you achieve the ultimate goal
4. A concluding paragraph that reiterates the relationship between the two connected goals.

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