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Motivation letter for getting a place in good university,for persuing master's degree

I was able to secure a position in some universities,but still there are some other universities..where I want to apply and so I am pasting my SOP for review.

My statement of purpose is going to highlight my interests and motivation behind achieving my career objectives and pursuing graduate program at University of XYZ.

I am interested to apply for a Master's Degree Program in ABC starting in 2011. I graduated in 2008, from the University of 123, India and hold a Bachelors degree in ----Engineering

The four year undergraduate program in Electronics engineering formed the basis of my perseverance towards achieving an in-depth knowledge in the field of --. As a part of my degree course I studied various subjects relating to diverse aspects of Electronics which includes ----.

In my second year of bachelor's degree, I underwent the experience of developing a --. Under the guidance of Prof. ---, I along with my friend prepared the circuit that was able to display desirable features and given parameters. While submitting the assignment, our lecturer observed us with a grin while watching the circuit mounted on a big Printed Circuit Board (PCB). His remarks - "You made a good model, but it is big in size. This is an era of nanotechnology. The miniaturized circuits have replaced the antiquated and gigantic circuits" - left an indelible impression about this futuristic field in my mind.

I happened to have a real rendezvous with -- during final year of my under graduation, while I had gone to participate in a national level paper presentation competition. A paper presented on this topic in the function struck an instant chord with me. In the same semester, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a many more paper presentations at college level, where many papers emphasized on ---. I began to realize that this domain had indeed a lot of practical applications that an electronics engineer would feel proud to use in day-to-day life.

The wide applications of this capricious field introduced me to plethora of opportunities for discovering the inner wells of knowledge that this had to offer and which, consequently, led me to decide on furthering my studies.

I want to carry forward my penchant for ---, as this technology is gaining increasing importance, in all aspects and is having significant impact on almost all industries and all areas of society. There is an ample scope to prove one's ability, competence and intelligence in this revolutionary and potentially very beneficial technology.

My insatiable hunger for exploring new avenues in the field of engineering and the unrelenting efforts towards discovering the hitherto unknown facets of electronics encouraged me to venture into research and development exercises. In my final year, I undertook a project entitled --" in "---Limited". Previously, the testing methodologies that had been conducted manually were time- consuming and involved perilous risks. Our objective was to improve the speedy aspects of manufacturing and delivery of starters, which was successfully accomplished.

This project has given me a great exposure in the field of automation. These experiences were invaluable for me since I learned the serviceability and functionality of various real world applications. Unlike the milieu of the college, the corporate environment was very much different. The concept of learning, accountability for the work at hand gave me a greater focus. The most challenging aspect however was the rate of the learning, which was immense.

In the final year of my engineering studies I was introduced to the subject of --. The first session in the labs was devoted to developing simple programs in -- software using different modeling techniques. A combination of different gates used to build various blocks generating complete control circuits for various computations fascinated me. I got to interact with Prof. ---, a professor of great repute in the field of VLSI design. He introduced me to the synergies of very large scale integration techniques. Under his guidance I was able to top in this subject in the college.

Besides the college academics I was actively involved in the extra-curricular activities. The driving force behind all this was my aim to develop all the facets of my personality. In this process I could not achieve the grades I wanted to, in the first and second year. But soon I garnered the skill of judicious allocation of time and energy. I did well in the third year and final year of Engineering. Moreover I do not feel that the marks I scored are the sole indicators of my understanding of the subject. A cogent reason to augment my belief is the final year of my engineering, where with strong focus and hard work, I excelled in my graduation with distinction. Considering my excellent record, my college offered me for a job as a lecturer.

Also for the past twenty months I have been working as a --- in --- department of ----. My work has helped me develop a thorough insight into return to the academic world for further growth. It has given me the confidence to pursue a Master's degree and also kindled a desire to do research.This career with open prospects has given me constant incentive to improve myself and to gain more knowledge.

Today as a __-year-old individual I perceive that life for me has been a process of conscious evolution. An integral part of this growth has been the value system imbibed in me by my parents, teachers and mentors and an immense liking for science. As I embark upon a new stage of my life, I believe that a postgraduate study will provide a milestone in my career along with invaluable experiences that will allow me to become a successful, innovative professional and assist in accomplishing my goals. Ten years from now, I envisage myself as a full-fledged research professional in an organization, or a faculty member at some leading university.

My decision to pursue graduate studies in the United Kingdom is underscored by my desire to be a part of the graduate program at your institution. The pioneering works going on at the ----department labs, which include the development of ---, perfectly match with the field of my interest. The interdisciplinary nature of --- has convinced me in taking this decision as it is the ideal choice for an exciting research career. At the same time, I am confident of contributing originally to the ongoing work at your department. By working under the guidance of distinguished faculty, I shall certainly be able to exploit my potential to the fullest.

The department web site revealed very strong faculty like Prof. ---- involved in extensive research in the area of --- engineering. This has strengthened my resolve to study at University of ---. I am confident that the erudite faculty will make my learning experience extraordinary. If I get the opportunity to be a part of that intellectually stimulating environment, I am sure my talents will be put to optimal use.

I am confident that overall opportunity to study in Europe will broaden my horizons and give me an opportunity to gain world class education and help me become an excellent world citizen.

I would therefore, feel obliged to be able to secure admission in your prestigious university with full financial assistance and pursue my M.S. program. I am sure that I will match all the credentials and will be able to maintain high standards at your university.

My statement of purpose is going to highlight my interests and motivation behind achieving my career objectives and pursuing graduate program at University of XYZ.-----I don't think this is a good sentence. It states the obvious. Immediately, the reader stops paying attention.

I am interested to apply in applying for a Master's Degree Program in ABC starting in 2011. I consider that based on my educational background I am a suitable candidate to pursue the offered course. I graduated in 2008, from the University of 123, India and hold a Bachelors degree in ----Engineering

The four year undergraduate program in -- engineering formed the basis of my perseverance towards achieving an in-depth knowledge.... began to realize that this domain had indeed a lot of practical applications that an electronics engineer would feel proud to use in day-to-day life. ---The rest of the paragraph is pretty strong.

A cutting edge education program identifying the interests .. Sounds like a brochure.

The department web site revealed a very strong faculty involved in extensive research..e All this is fluff. It's all stuff that carries no real meaning. The reader already knows you believe the faculty will provide an extraordinary experience; otherwise you would not be applying. When you talk about their school, cite a few specific research studies, especially very recent ones. Show that you have learned about the professors, read some of their books/articles, and so forth.

You did a good job of telling what, specifically, you have been doing for 20 months, but now I think you should be more specific about what you want to do in India in the future. Be specific about your vision of the future.

Okay, Ankita, I was highly critical because I like you. But the essay is impressive already! I just wanted to give some ideas for increasing the SPECIFICITY.

Kevin..I wanted a green signal from you,so that I can send my SOP to the concerned university..as the deadline is close. Please reply me soon.
Hi there, sorry for my delay, :-)

I am interested in applying---This way is better.

" hitherto"--This is a little too much, in my opinion. People only use hitherto if they are being unnecessarily verbose... but that is just my stupid opinion! You did use the word well.

At the same time, I am confident of about contributing originally to the...

I am confident that overall opportunity to studying in Europe will...---I like to find ways to cut a lot of words without detracting from the meaning.

:-) Good luck with this!! They'll be impressed.
@ Mr Raman: thank you for this information.

However at this point of time, my concern is the "Letter of Recommendation" for which I need assistance.

If anyone can help me in this regard,I ll be obliged!!
also plz do it on priority basis!!
Hi there!
Sorry for the delay. Capitalize the name of the course:
I have taught her four theory courses: "Basic Electronics Engineering," "Semi-conductor Devices and Circuits," "Analog Integrated Circuits," and "Electronic Product Design."

No need for a hyphen:
On an interpersonal level, she has endeared herself to her...

Put a space after the comma:
Further,I admire ...

master's degree

The second one is very well-written!!!!

:-) Good luck, friend.
@ Kevin: I was able to get offers from many good universities. but irrespective of being so close,now I got pushed back by the circumstances. My current financial condition isn't that healthy, that I can afford my studies abroad,without financial assistance. If you could,tell me about some more scholarships,which British Council or any other external funding body offers..it will of great help!!
Ankita, I read over your letter and its something I was planning on doing for my next university. And I just took how you developed it based with Kevins corrections and let me know if you got it or not man! Cheers!
@ Moe Tee: Kevin was a or rather I can say is a support and it was under his guidance that I was able to create some nice SOP's and LORs.

These helped me in getting selected for some good universities but my current financial condition isn't that good, and my parents cant afford such hefty amount. Due to this reason I was inquiring about some scholarship/studentship schemes.

If at all you or anyone else has some idea regarding the same, please help me out.
Hi Ankita, I hope someone can help you... I don't have any knowledge of or involvement with scholarships...

But my solution for everything is to use Google. Search for: scholarships, list, british

I hope you find a lot of success! Don't be discouraged, because even if you have to work for a few years to raise the money, every minute will be meaningful -- and enjoyable, if you keep the correct state of mind.
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