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Letter of Motivation for Master of Science in Nematology scholarship

yungrey 1 / -  
Sep 21, 2014   #1
My desire and interest to pursue a career in the field of natural science and hence Nematology began during my High School studies when I had no explanation for some natural phenomenon that can be explained, by Sciences. The keen to have a science base knowledge did not only end with the acquisition of a High School Diploma but further motivated me in my degree course selection.

This desire to have a postgraduate training in Nematology is engineered to enable me acquired advanced knowledge and skills for further career development. I equally desire to become a specialist in a self selected professional area of Nematology and its related fields. In addition, the wide range of courses covered by this programme would give me an opportunity for hands-on skills in the use of relevant tools and techniques in the area of Nematology

In my country Cameroon there are very few specialists in this field and the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development IRAD, has been working with the few specialists in this field and the government to see that more specialists are been trained. But due to lack of facilities such a dream is far fetch. In this regards my desire to obtain a M.Sc. in Nematology to acquire the skills that will enable me work in IRAD as well as other government research institutes to carry out innovative research and to train others in the future.

I have also been particularly interested in an academic environment where high standards are set for students, where there is the nurture of student's independence and where one can discover an interesting blend of people from a variety of backgrounds each possessing corresponding varieties of aspiration and goals.

I do hope that my application should meet your kind consideration and that this will enable me to develop my career and realize my dreams. So that after completion of my studies and upon return to my country, I will be able to work for some years after which I will gain independence and transfer permanently to the village where I will be pleased by working and improving the health and living conditions of the people of my village and also to educate them on the economic importance of nematodes especially in the area of health and agriculture. The health and living condition in my village is very poor which has lead to her high death rate. The villagers are dying out of ignorance and just a few numbers of us are educated from this village. This motivated my choice to acquire a M.Sc. Degree in Nematology at your prestigious University.

My family and well wishers are all ready to finance my studies in Belgium if and only if the University will offer me a place to study.

I would like to state here that at the end of the course, the objectives of the programme will be fulfilled. But in a nutshell, I would have acquired the knowledge which will benefit me as well as my country (especially my village) to justify the huge investment in me. Should my application be favorably considered, I shall endeavor to do my best and pursue accurate analytical skills for realization of these goals.

Yours faithful Applicant
Nuganaa Rene Bonga

fadlanmuzakki 15 / 49 36  
Sep 22, 2014   #2
you should pay more attention to punctuation and make flow idea. so your essay would not monotone.
keep practice.. :)

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