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Letter Of Motivation - Master in Technical Management

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Dec 28, 2021   #1

motivation letter

Modern engineered products are made of critical components and sophisticated materials which require specialized technological skills to manufacture. It is very difficult for a single organization to possess the breadth of capabilities necessary to produce everything by itself. So, every manufacturing organisation needs a resilient supply chain and high production capabilities.

During COVID 19 pandemic, we were looking at markedly different world. Manufacturers faced unprecedented challenges which started with the supply shock with China being shut down and the demand shock as the world started opening up after the first wave of COVID. To manage operations in such times require highly skilled managers in terms of planning, organising and controlling the operations. Managers should be able to analyze such complex situations in a structured manner and apply optimization methodologies to effectively manage production, logistics or transportation.

After being in the industry for more than two years and judging by my current skills to tackle such crisis, I find it necessary to have strong knowledge of ERP Systems, Supply Chain Management, Cyber production system and advanced management techniques. Therefore, I must extend my current knowledge with a master degree in Technical Management at your esteemed institute to gain the skills and qualifications needed to face out all the challenges and unexpected events during my future working life in the Industry.

One more reason why I am keen on pursuing graduate studies is to keep up with the pace at which technology is evolving. The specific field that I believe to be at the forefront of rapid change is industrial automation and global supply chain management. I had the opportunity to witness the change first-hand during my work as an Assistant Manager at ABCD, a global steel wheels supplier and leading wheel manufacturer in India. At ABCD, my primary role is to analyze data and situation to precisely forecast any deliver failure and prepare contingency plan to avoid it. I work on improving the transportation routes, optimizing delivery cost and minimising transportation time. Last year, in the midst of COVID when demand started picking, we faced a major supply chain challenge. We had decent number of export orders from USA and Europe but were struggling to deliver orders due to shortage of containers. We were not able to proactively analyze the situation and failed to find and assess alternative solutions and made not so tactical operational decisions. I believe this could have been managed more efficiently with better understanding of systems dynamics in supply networks along with better manufacturing planning and supply chain collaboration.

Although, I am experiencing the challenges in supply chain management at ABCD and enjoying solving those efficaciously, I have had acute interest in Operation Management and technology since my undergraduate studies. To pursue my Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with Production specialisation I joined Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. During my Bachelors I gained technical and management skills through courses like manufacturing processes, Operation Management, Inspection and Quality Control, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The course which fascinated me the most was Operation management. It was about the supply chain management, demand forecasting, aggregate planning, Material management, Material requirement planning and Master production scheduling. My bachelors study further motivated me to accept a key role in ABCD in Supply Chain Management & Management of Production systems.

My association with engineering and technology goes way back to XYZ where I earned my three year diploma in Mechanical engineering. This helped me build a solid foundation in Engineering and Technology. I especially enjoyed learning about production technology and manufacturing process in manufacturing technology course, Production Planning and control which included inventory controlling, material handling, material purchasing, lead time, carrying cost estimation, economic ordering quantity, ABC Analysis and concept on JIT fascinated me even more.

My growing interest in Supply Chain Management and strong Mechanical Production foundation has fuelled my desire to pursue Master's Degree in Technical Management with specialization in Production from Technische Hochschule Wildau. The well-structured technical and management related modules like Cyberphysical Production Systems, IT-Systems Implementation in Production, Product life cycle management, System Dynamics in Production and Logistics and Supply Chain Management will provide me with the understanding of the complex and challenging evolutions in the manufacturing industry. Cyberphysical Production Systems will provide me with advanced knowledge of Information flow, closed loop control, Human robot collaboration which will help me select, test and analyze cyber production system entities. IT-Systems Implementation in Production will boast me understanding of Enterprise Resource Planning, Automation and Implementation strategies. These skills along with Product life cycle management will immensely boast my technical capabilities and help me improve the bottlenecks in the industry in terms of resource planning and technology enhancement. Moreover, Optimization in Engineering & Management, Design Engineering & Management Companies and Advances Management Techniques are perfectly designed to prepare me for organising, controlling and leading global companies and organisations and teach me to analyze and modify complex situations in a structured and directed manner.

This program will serve as a stepping stone to reach the pinnacle of my career and help me achieve my ideal career goal to be a leader in the manufacturing domain and do a ground-breaking job. It will help me build connections with peers coming from diverse backgrounds and open the door to promising opportunities in my field.

I feel certain that the academic setting at Technische Hochschule Wildau will help me utilize my talents to their maximum potential and look forward to participating in club activities, social outreach programs to explore myself multi-dimensionally. I find iC3 Smart Production system and Secure Object Identification research groups most intriguing at TH Wildau.

I will gain a broad experience of qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques in a lucrative field at developed and advanced country like Germany, which is world famous for its pedagogy. It would be a great pleasure and honour for me if given a chance to pursue my master studies. If given an opportunity to do master's, I assure you that my work would not fall short of your expectations.

Therefore, I would be very proud and happy to receive admission in Technology and Innovation Management at Technische Hochschule Wildau.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Dec 28, 2021   #2
A letter of motivation, unless otherwise specified, should be completed within 5 paragraphs. It will only become longer depending upon the institution required maximum word count and number of prompt questions you have to respond to. This letter of motivation is over extended and veers into the territory of an academic biography already. The reviewer is not in need of the applicant's biography, only the relevant motivations related to his or her study intentions.

The writer needs to compress the academic intention into the most recent reasons for study, the professional motivation into his insight into what he hopes his future career to be based on his professional background, and the reasons why he has chosen to study in the country, that university, and that masters course.

The masters course will need to prove to be relevant to his future professional needs, while being supported by his academic background. All within 5 paragraphs. This is a letter that should only focus on the motivations / reasons for higher academic study and therefore, should be presented as such.
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Dec 28, 2021   #3
Minimum word count is not specified but institute is asking for at least two pages LOM

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