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Motivation Letter for MSc in Information Systems - Studying in Germany

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Jun 13, 2017   #1

give me a chance to show my knowledge and skills

At this stage of my life when I have almost 7 years of experience in software analysis, medical billing, customer services and university entrance education in biology, bachelor in commerce and master in information technology, my decision of doing masters in Information Systems is strongly based upon a famous saying "Jack of all trades, master of none.". I have been curious to know about everything since my childhood. Exploring places, reading books, going to exhibitions, watching documentaries and biographies, all show my thirst of gaining knowledge. Continuous acquisition of knowledge and different skills is a power; there is no doubt in that. But, it becomes super power when that knowledge or skill is about a particular field. So, why to have a power, why not a super power?

The kind of society we all live in, that makes our mind narrower by preferring one to become a specialist instead of a generalist. I never believed in that. I started my educational journey by studying science and biology i.e. university entrance education. Being among my few business oriented relatives, I decided to learn business as well. So, I did B.. After that I joined CureMD, where I saw people making software for the American doctors. Since, it was another thing to learn, so I did MSc in information technology. After working for these many years in CureMD, I have observed that the people who are working at higher position for example their business consultants, IT-managers, analysts, etc. they in fact possess a specialty in them. They are foreign graduates with the complete knowledge of business and technology.

They can analyze the international market and can make effective decisions accordingly. Not only make decisions, they deploy it very well. This is why this company has been working for more than 20 years. Then I realized that the society was right. Only specialists go to those higher levels and the generalists like me, they remain at a middle level.

After this realization, I have finally decided to be a specialist of a particular domain. Keeping in mind my previous different educational tracks; after a thorough search on the internet I came up with MSc Information Systems as a best match for me. This course is blending commerce/business with information technology. The graduates of this course, as per description of MSc IS on your website, will get a complete understanding of business with strong grip on the skills to understand and implement constantly evolving modern technology. Not only CureMD, my research tells that all the multinational companies like Nestle, R&B, IBM, etc., they hire only those individuals who have an international degree and possess complete business and technology sense. So, for me to reach to that position, I believe this degree will work as a job offer letter.

To become more specialized I strongly intend to get a doctoral degree later on. My long term plan is to setup a software house in Pakistan. This program and the international experience gained through it will help me a lot in quickly taking this entrepreneurial step when I get back. It will be a great pleasure for me if I'll cause employments in my country.

Studying in Germany, I believe would be an extraordinary chance to get to know its culture. It would also give me a chance to learn a new language. Germany has always been known as a land of ideas and it has been very advanced in technology, so I am very excited about this course as it will make me an all-rounder in the field of technology and business.

Furthermore, I have always been a determined student hence I believe I would be able to achieve extraordinary grades in this degree as well. I hope you will give me a chance to be one of your hard working and excellent students of your university.
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Jun 13, 2017   #2
Shaharyar this is a very interesting personal statement. Now, you have to work on writing a motivation letter. The motivation letter is exactly that, a cover letter for the rest of your application essays and documents. It is an overview of the important information that you should be presenting in greater detail in the SOP, Study Plan, and other required essays. For the motivational letter, you need to write only 2 -3 paragraphs that introduce the reasons why you decided to study this particular masters degree at this point in time. Similar in content to a statement of purpose, the motivation letter has less to do with your college background and fancy imaginings that led you to this career and has more in common with your current professional experience and how these have motivated your future plans. Therefore, it is a shortened version of your statement of purpose. Do not confuse it with your personal statement, as you have done so with this current version. The personal statement is a totally different application essay that has to portray something totally different from a motivational letter.
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Jun 13, 2017   #3
Thanks for your honest review and a detailed explanation. I'll try to fix the letter as suggested. Thanks again!

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