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Motivation Letter for a Scholarship application to study in Ms.c Computer Science.

Oluwatomisin1 1 / -  
Nov 23, 2017   #1

my academic performance and potential

I am writing to apply for the Ms.c Computer science Program. My motivation letter can be better understood out of the combination of both my educational qualification and professional experience. But most of all, a genuine interest in technology, information technology, and development of the African states that are behind in this area.

I hold a four-year bachelor's degree in Information Technology from the Africa international University, Kenya. During my studies, I was exposed to and learnt about linear algebra, analysis, numerics, statistics. My career drive has a great connection with Germany because of its high level of technological development among the European countries and also my country Nigeria because of its huge prospects of technological growth.

In 2015 while I was studying I got a Job with a company called COMPUGEEN Africa which had a CSR program called ITSKILLS4AFRICA which main aim was to equip all Africans with basic IT skills, my first job as one who managed partnership between various parties/ develop course content sparked a passion for technological development in Africa, made me realize how far we still need IT development in Africa and the great impact of technology in our society and continent. My passion for technology has always grown from volunteering in the IT department in Africa international university to COMPUGEEN and then to Resolution insurance where I was in the Network and support team. After half a year with resolution Insurance I got back with COMPUGEEN Africa where I am an innovative consultant, this current job has made me realize the importance of technology in all aspects of our lives especially in business. All these professional experiences have been very rewarding and educative. I have learnt to deal with several challenges which have deepened my knowledge on linear algebra, analysis, numerics, and statistics. However, I have always been interested in Computer information technology and management, that is why, after serious consideration and research, and I have decided to focus on my career.

For these reasons, I apply for Masters in Computer Science at the University of Passau on a DAAD scholarship because of my outstanding academic performance and potential, I strongly believe that Computer Science can help me achieve all my goals and attainment in life.

During my research on the school website I have seen that the computer science (InfComm) will be a very interesting studies program, with a wide range of courses such as information distribution and networks subjects that will enhance the program and also it will improve my professional in analyzing the current challenges of information Technology. More also, the fact that the Computer science program is taught at the University of Passau, a German institution, is very attractive to me because of its high academic standards. I consider the German Technological Advancement a great example of the effect of good will, determination, hard work and efficiency. I would like to catch some of that spirit, and put them into action once I am back in my country.

Ideally, once I get my MA degree I would like to return to Nigeria to make effective use of my experiences to work in an IT firm or government institution such as SAP, Andela, Microsoft, and the Ministry of communication Based on this, the Ms.c Computer science is exactly the type of program I would like to study; undertaking the Master studies and research within University of Passau would improve my knowledge and practical experience towards my mission.

I am confident that the overall opportunity to study in Germany will broaden my horizons and give me avenue to gain world class education which will make me to become an excellent global citizen.

I would therefore, feel obliged to be able to secure admission into Technical University of Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit√§t M√ľnchen and humboldt-universitat the with full financial assistance to pursue my MA program. I am sure that I will match all the credentials and will be able to maintain high standards at your university.

Codex1717 7 / 17  
Nov 23, 2017   #2
Hello tomisin
This looks more of an academic/career goal statement..
After going through the essay, I still find it quite hard to actually tell what motivates you..You've stated your passion for IT quite clearly but what has kept that passion burning?... Try to identify what has kept your passion for IT burning.. That is your motivation..

Then try to build your essay much more around it..
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,011 2713  
Nov 24, 2017   #3
The letter that you wrote tends to go off the mark in most instances. You need only a few of the paragraphs that you wrote here in order to write a proper motivation letter. The paragraphs that you should use to comprise your revised and usable version are the following: 3,4,6, and 8. These show your motivation for your studies and how you were inspired to progress with your skills in this area. Combine paragraphs 6 and 8 into one in the revised version so that you will have an ample discussion paragraph that highlights the reasons why you feel that you are qualified for this scholarship based upon your motivations for higher study. You should also focus on explaining why you were motivated to seek admission to this particular university. Base it on the course curriculum in relation to your interests, as well as any training or internship programs that will help to develop your practical skills in relation to the demands of the workplace.
zy16373 1 / 4  
Nov 24, 2017   #4
Ashimolowo, a little tip for this letter I can give is that do NOT repeat what they can find on your resume and transcript. E.g. the first two sentences of your second paragraph. Apart from the duplicity of these two sentences, I also can't see how they are related to your career drive you mentioned in the next sentence. Perhaps you need to rewrite this part.

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