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Nov 12, 2021   #1
There have been significant changes in birth rate and the population tragedies in Ghana and the world in recent years. According to the world economic outlook survey published by IMF, Ghana's population is estimated to be 32.08 million in 2022,32.9 million in 2023,33.74 million in 2024,34.61 million in 2025 and 35.49 million in 2026. The statistics show that the Ghanaian population is still growing more than 1.23 million in a year and is most likely to continue growing for the rest of the century unless action is taken. Rapid population and its causes continue to pose a major impediment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals in particular, in eradicating hunger and poverty, achieving gender inequality, and improving health and education. I am concerned about this challenge and therefore the thirst for knowledge, self-improvement and the passion to serve my country motivated me to pursue a Master of Art in Population studies.

I believe that my educational background has instilled in me the qualities and the requirement for this demanding programme. I bring along with me a strong understanding of statistical analysis, relevant research/survey experience, desire to learn, a penchant for teamwork and leadership skills and an enthusiasm for challenges. The MA population studies allow me to gain an advanced understanding of Population and Development Theories and Policies, mortality and fertility factors, migration, analysis of Population Data, Population Policy Studies and application to problems in economics and government planning. I am interested in this programme in particular since its emphasis on gender and reproductive health, population growth and health and development. These are some of the issues currently affecting developing countries such as Ghana. In addition, the master programme allows you to understand the current development and planning issues not affecting Ghana but also the world at large.

In the courses of my undergraduate studies, I took courses such as research methods, data analysis, economic growth and development, social and economic statistics and statistical methods. I would like to specifically take modules such as Development Theories and Policies, Advance Population Analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, statistical computing, Urbanization and Development and Urbanization and Development. These areas of specialisation align with my career goals. I believe that carrying out my research in these areas will help me to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of Research.

DAAD is one of the prestigious scholarship providers in the world and also Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS) is an international centre for research and education with a traditional history. The RIPS in this university is quite prominent among its counterparts in the field. I am particularly attracted by the University of Ghana's powerful educational resource, intelligent atmosphere and comprehensive curriculum. It is also a privilege to meet various personalities from all walks of life, gain deep-rooted knowledge of other people's cultures and enable me to value my own. It will enable me to know and appreciate how other people view issues of the population in their countries.

My ultimate goal is to obtain a PhD in the field of Population Studies. After completing my Master's programme, I hope to work in research centres and other educational institutions dealing with Population growth and development agendas of these issues mentioned above. I do not doubt that Population studies at the University of Ghana will meet the benchmark of intellectual rigour that I have set for myself, for my education, and for those I have promised to serve.
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Nov 13, 2021   #2
You have written this essay without any consideration for the readily available discussion guidelines for the motivational letter. There are several discussion considerations that should be fully discussed in your essay. none of which you covered in this presentation. What you wrote is just a general essay based on your personal requirements and interests. This will not work for the application review process. It will do you well to look up the motivational letter guidelines for DAAD as available through online portals. Write anew essay based on the actual reviewer information needs. Do not try to revise this letter. It is unusable for the purpose you intend.