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'nature and science' - SOP for master in mechanical engineering

daviscyl 1 / -  
Nov 2, 2011   #1
Hi, here is my first draft of statement of purpose for master in mechanical engineering, please tell me where i can improve it, a big THANK YOU!!

I first came to be interested in nature and science at the age of six when my parents bought me a set of encyclopedia, which was quite popular among Chinese children back then, as my birthday gift. I was fascinated by it. I felt my curiosity was so much satisfied by looking at pictures of giant exotic spiders and awesome supersonic jet fighters. Today, fifteen years has passed. I don't remember too much detail of either how those cool things were presented in that encyclopedia or how addicted I was, but I do remember my mom telling me that I ignored most of her callings for dinner, and she had to grab the book in my hands to make me eat.

People say time can changed anything but who you are. I think curiosity is a part of who I am.

By the time I entered junior high school, I became more influenced by my parents---both of whom graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and most of whose friends work in the aeronautics industry. I gradually became a fan of military jet fighters. I remember my favorite family event was watching live air shows in Zhuhai, Paris and Moscow on TV with my parents. When I entered senior high school, I chose physics as my major, and it did not took me long to become the top 2 students in the physics-major class of more than 50 students. By the time I graduated from high school, all my magazines of aeronautics piled up to almost my own height. To some sense, my parents shaped my idea of going to my current university---Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where I further developed my interest in aeronautics and strengthened my will to be an outstanding engineer in the future.

In my undergraduate years majoring in Jet Propulsion, I have acquired a strong background in mechanical engineering subjects like Thermal Dynamics, Theory of Elasticity, Multidimensional Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Finite Element Method, and Mechanics of Turbomachinery etc. Meanwhile in many of my course, we were exposed to software like Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, Matlab, Ansys, and UG, etc. In one of my favorite courses, we were given a 4-floor model elevator with all the buttons the same with a real one, and we need to write a C program on a single-chip computer to make the model elevator work the same way as a real one. In my class of more than 30, I created a new method of processing demands from the buttons, and wrote the shortest yet successful program.

As I became a junior student last year, I had more chance to get into some real researches and show my talent to solve engineering problems. One of them is the High Speed Rotor Experimenting Platform, which my team designed and plotted all the parts drawing of it and then demanded a manufactory to produce it. This high speed rotor device is propelled by a gas turbine, and could test the maximum rotating speed of a plate. We tested various plates of different dimensions and compared the data with theoretical calculations from several different theories, and therefor measured the theoretical error of these theories. This platform was quieter, faster and smaller than the old one we had in our department which is propelled by an electric motor, and could not reach a relatively high rotating speed. So our new platform took the place of the old one and is now used to show experiments to students in my department.

Whereas, doing all the studies is not all I wanted for my university. So I devoted most of my free time to extracurricular activities.

In my freshman year, I became a member of the school model-plane club which was really fun because we can design and make all kinds of model planes we want, and eventually fly them ourselves. I designed a model plane that has two annular wings at the front and rear ends of the fuselage which turned out to have good directional stability but cannot produce enough lift which is hard to fix with what the club could provide me. Then I took it to a school innovation competition. Although this strange and immature design kicked me out of the competition in the second round, I still enjoyed it and had fun.

What's more, I participated in the football team that represents my university in the University Bowl which is organized by NFL-China, and played Defensive Tackle in every the game ever since I joined. While on this team, I have learned not only how to play football but also how to communicate and cooperate with my team members and to ultimately achieve a shared goal, which is essential to team-working. I believe this experience would largely benefit my future career.

In consonance with my interest and undergraduate study experiences, I would like to pursue a graduate program in the specialized area of Computational Fluid Dynamics and thermal science in a creative yet committed manner. I believe my inherent innovative character would bring this field something revolutionarily new.

I am aware of the high standard and demands of the graduate program in XXX University, and I am confident that my knowledge, skills and zeal will meet those challenges. Thank you for taking your time to read this essay and I look forward to hearing a positive reply on my application.

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