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Nursing is limitless; Nurse Practitioner personal statement

mellymel11 1 / -  
May 25, 2013   #1
please help writing statement for NP school!
OK just some back ground info:

-There was no max or min length (suggested 1.5-3pgs)
-School sayings incorporated:

-"preparing people to lead extraordinary lives"
- "learn broadly, serve generously, lead courageously"
-prompt questions:

Nursing Personal Statement - Doctoral degree

Nursing is a passion of mine that is sowed in the depths of my heart. Nursing is a passion that allows me to serve my community and to be a light during someone's dark disease process. Nursing is limitless, with the only boundaries being set by the beholder. As a nurse, I have set no limits and I aspire to grow continuously. I want to live an "extraordinary" life that will enable me to "learn broadly, serve generously, lead courageously" as an Adult primary care Nurse Practitioner.

Through my experiences practicing as a Registered Nurse on a neurological stroke unit and my shadowing experiences of an advance practice nurse, I feel that I have been prepared to progress on to an Adult primary care Nurse Practitioner program. Although my work experiences are acutely based, I have observed the direct relation between primary and acute care. As a nurse primarily working with stroke patients, I have observed how patient miseducation, patient miscommunication, and lack of holistic care can lead a patient to a hospital stay. I have learned that education is one of the most proactive measures a nurse can take to prevent acute illness. I have experienced how proper and honest patient communication can lead to better patient compliance, perception, and trust. Most importantly, I have learned that viewing each patient as a person and holistically is key in achieving better outcomes. Also, through shadowing primary care nurse practitioners I have observed that effective primary care in addition to thorough assessment and critical thinking is inclusive of communication, education, and holistic care. The number one item I have learned from my hospital experience is that I belong in the community promoting health and wellness so patients do not end up in the hospital. I truly feel that my nursing experiences as staff nurse and shadowing experiences have prepared me to start my journey as an advanced practice nurse. I am a patient advocate, leader, and a diligent worker with an insatiable thirst for knowledge that is ready to learn and accept the responsibilities of an Adult primary care Nurse Practitioner.

After, I complete the Adult primary care Nurse Practitioner graduate program at (school name) I will be steps closer to my aspiring goals. (school name) will have prepared me thoroughly to purse my goal of obtaining a Doctoral degree in nursing. However, most importantly the graduate program will help me reach my primary goal of impacting the health of the inner-city population. I see myself specifically working as a primary care Nurse Practitioner in an inner-city adult clinic aiding those with less access to healthcare resources. Growing up in the inner-city, I witnessed numerous family and community members fall susceptible to diseases that could have been prevented or better managed with the correct help. As an Adult primary care Nurse Practitioner, I want to effectively assess, diagnose, educate, communicate, follow-up, and provide personalized holistic care. I want to reach a diverse population and teach proactive measures through practice and community awareness events. I am most certain that completing the Adult primary care Nurse Practitioner program at (school name) will help me achieve my goals and allow me function as a proficient "extraordinary" advance practice nurse.

Please consider me for admission to (school name)'s prestigious graduate nursing program. I am highly qualified and dedicated to nursing. Thank you and have a great day!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,511 3437  
Mar 27, 2017   #2
Melissa, wanting to include the school motto or core values in your personal statement is a nice touch. Just don't make it so obvious by incorporating it into the essay using quotes. Try to make it seem like a natural part of your paragraph development instead. The reviewer will not appreciate the obvious pandering that the quotes imply. It would be best to incorporate it seamlessly into your sentence development, followed up by some anecdote or simple act on your part that proves how you embody those traits. The overall essay is well developed and really has strong potential. However, the concluding portion, that begging for consideration, doesn't come across well on screen. It would be best if you don't beg in the essay. Leave that part out of it and just close the statement with the hopeful paragraph above it. Remember, just remove the quotes and the essay will be all set.

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