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One part of a case study on marketing strategies

serena83 1 / 1  
Mar 13, 2016   #1
Could any one help me with the structure?

Ad-lider considered a launch of the Climp Fecha Facil as extreme necessary so that Ad-lider did such researches as Garbage Bag Focus Groups and Purchase Intercept Interviews to collect and analyze the date and findings, in order to obtain the information about consumer preferences, consumer habits and perceived competitive advantages. That would impact on the relevant to a particular marketing of the Fecha Facil bag, especially in product, price, place and place decision. It would be hoped that the data and information could be translated into clear insights and recommendations.

As the case mentioned, the ideal garbage bag should be satisfied three requirements, which were convenience, ease of handling and less mess and time spent. Based on the customer analysis, the similarities in "close easily, thick and resilient " were concluded, while the differences in "color, packaging and price sensitivity" were showed due to the customer preferences. We find the research findings related to 4Ps. Due to the differences in the housewives' preferences in two cities, we suggest using different marketing strategies about Climp Fecha Facil bag.

Sao Paulo
There were two groups, which were consisted of housewives, and apartment-wives, who did not take care of themselves physically, were more demanding of their maids, and were loyal to some brands with rational purchases. In conclusion, they considered the price, practicality and quality important.

When it came to color, the majority of these interviewees thought the black was associated with good quality and duration than blue, and the color blue was not strong and meant poor quality and opacity came with privacy. They always used supermarket plastic bags in kitchen or bathroom, and garbage bags of 30L/50L for the whole house. Housewives also were inclined to choose the 100L bag, even though it was definitely strong, due to thickness, it was difficult to close, obviously, and the efficient closing system should be considered. Two types of packaging had both pros and cons, which leaded two preferences of housewives and apartment-wives. Housewives preferred plastic packaging because it was cheaper, practical and allowed customers see the products while one of biggest the competitor Dover used plastic packaging first and it was not convenient to take the bags out for customers. Apartment-wives thought box packaging was better because it was practical and pretty, easy to take the bags out and allowed for larger labeling of the products. However, if the price were not the issue and kept the same price between box packaging and plastic packing, customers would choose box packaging.

Obviously, the price became one of the deciding factors, which meant interviewees were price conscious. Housewives could accept the price a bit more than Dover, while the apartment-wives would pay same price as for Dover. Keeping the same price as Dover would be more value to the customers and also establish a good choice for trying a new product to help expand the market.

As they said, garbage bags were well hidden, completely disorganized and mixed, well displayed on the shelf and printings on the front of the bags would make customers more impressive and recognized the brands. Cooperating with one big supermarket brand, especially the largest supermarket chain, local small stores and retailers, new products should be convenient to the customers, and using the door-to-door sale as well.

For the women interviewed in Sao Paulo, they were influenced by advertisements, which would improve the brand recognition, indirectly stimulate customers' demands.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Mar 14, 2016   #2
Hi Serena, as I read and understand your essay, I must say that what I notice is the direct translation of the English language from your mother tongue, as English is not your mother language, you tend to explain or express yourself in a form you would understand in your own language, yes, this is fine, however, when you read it as a third party reader, it just doesn't flow as easy as you would in your native language.

Believe me, this is a common issue that each and everyone including me, has to gp through before we can master the language, the best thing is, we are taking a bold step to conquer that challenge. One thing that helped me a lot was reading books, act as if no one around me spoke my native language, this way I mam forced to speak to them in Englishand of course, I write a lot, writing whenever and wherever I can. As days go by, I got better and was able to help students and people in general, in speaking and using the English language in their daily lives.

Now, going back to your essay, I believe you have to pay close attention to how you structure your sentence, one practice that helps, is to read your sentences out loud and when you hear something that doesn't sound good, this is where you draw your attention and you will see where the needed enhancement is supposed to be done. I hoe my insights helped!
OP serena83 1 / 1  
Mar 14, 2016   #3
Hi, thank you so much for your advice, you know it is difficult to write essays or papers like the native students, I tried hard to not make grammar mistakes but forget to express more accurate. Some sentences may look wired and confused, you are right, keep practice is the only way to improve my English.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Mar 15, 2016   #4
Hi Serena, indeed, it is hard to write let alone speak a language that is not your mother tongue and yes, if there's a problem, there's a solution. Now, practice is yes, one of the solutions that is very effective in bringing this issue to a higher level and eventually to be an expert.

One of the things that will also help is reading and writing anytime and anywhere you can. You see, reading is a practice that will open up a great deal of exposure, not only to new and meaningful words but also to the usage of this words in a sentence that will complete the idea of the story or the essay. Writing, as far as I believe is the act of putting your heart, mind and soul into a piece of tangible object. A process of letting your inner you speak to the readers, pretty much what I'm saying is, writing is how you express yourself and writing as often as you can is one way of becoming good in the English language, of course you have to write in English.

Well, there you have it Serena, I really hope you'd be able to write more and post it here in EF so we will be able to help you out.

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