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Parson's Fashion Marketing and Communication Statement of Purpose

fionagusmano 1 / 1  
Jan 20, 2021   #1

time to expand my education into the fashion and media world

My name is Fiona MarĂ­a Gusmano, I was born in Manhattan, raised in Argentina and I have recently graduated from by Bachelor's degree in business administration. My four years at the Universidad de San Andres where my first steps into my professional career, and I believe they have shaped me professionally and personally in a way I never imagined they could. Personally, because I met the most important people in my life, who taught me about empathy and communication, and professionally because from my professors I've learnt about responsibility and being a team player. In this fours year I have studied all there is about management, but now I believe it's time to expand my education into the fashion and media world.

My artistic yearnings come from a heritage of photographers in my family; my grandfather and my mother have been not only a significant inspiration in my life but also incredible mentors. My photography memories go back to my first show and tell in school at the age of nine explaining to my classmates how my great-grandfather's black box camera worked and how to develop analog photos. My love for the camera it's what lead me to appreciate film and journalism in a unique way, and my desire is to combine that love for film and photography with fashion and create something visually exceptional.

Being raised in Argentina my opportunities as an artist are limited; even tough art is seriously appreciated in my country and there are exceptional artists and directors, when it comes to building a career the path is narrow and the opportunities are limited to independent art. Being as attached to my culture as I am moving to another country is a big decision, but because how focused and ambitious I am about my dreams I know my best option is to apply for a proper academic foundation and training in the visual arts in order to expand my now narrow path into an ocean of possibilities.

I've done some preparations on my own investing in my future visual arts studies during the last years. I have taken part of online short courses such as Art Direction and Graphic Design for beginners at Central Saint Martins and I have attended to courses in Argentina in the subjects of Fashion and Lifestyle Communication, and Art Direction for Fashion. Also, I have been working as a freelance photographer, stylist and art assistant for the past two years and have assisted in several music videos and productions for different artists. I believe experiences like these ones helped me shape a more critical visual eye, but university will be an integral part of this gradual progression to a new career. I aspire to one day be able to create a high impact communication plan myself focused on fashion, lifestyle and art segments and a program like this one can help me get there. I will get the opportunity to expand my abilities and knowledge in fashion and image communication, and also continue to consolidate my critical eye and career path into de fashion editor I aspire one day to be.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,324 3356  
Jan 21, 2021   #2
I am unclear as to whether this is an SOP for an undergraduate or masters course. Based on the information presented, I will assume that you are going to be enrolling in a formal photography course covering 4 years. So an undergraduate SOP review will be used on your paper. Next time, please indicate if this is for U or M course so that an appropriate review can be made. You get only 1 free review from me so you have to make it count.

This presentation reflects more of a personal statement rather than a statement of purpose. A statement of purpose, based on an a U course should reflect your future career plans. Based on your previous training and background, how have these created a solid idea for you regarding where you see your career in 5 years? Why did you decide on that professional path for yourself? How will your studies at this university help you achieve these plans? Perhaps indicate a reference to a 2-5 year career plan leading up to a masters course.

As you have not provided me with any prompt instructions that you were instructed to follow, this general review covers the basic expectations of a reviewer when it comes to an SOP. If there are specific information required, which led to your writing this type of purpose essay, then you should have included it in the posting.
OP fionagusmano 1 / 1  
Jan 29, 2021   #3
This essay is for an AAS application for continuing studies. The instructions provided where the following:

Please upload a one-page describing your reasons for applying to this program and how you will contribute to your chosen field of study. You should include a thoughtful description of your background and your professional goals and an explanation of how this AAS program will help you realize those goals. If you would like to provide a brief explanation to address your prior academic performance or discrepancies in your academic transcript, please feel free to do so.

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