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My passion for improving health and well-being. SOP FOR GLOBAL PUBLIC HEALTH

Drfon 1 / -  
Oct 12, 2021   #1


My passion for improving health and well-being has drastically increased since my career began as an optometrist in 2017. Having obtained a Doctor of Optometry for my bachelor degree at the University of Benin, Nigeria, I have been able to develop, facilitate and critically assess the ability to value difference, diversity and make recommendations about how eye care services could be delivered to individuals and communities at large. For these reasons, I opt for a Master degree in Global Public Health, the University of Essex- a Gold winning institution for teaching excellence Framework 2017. The commitment of Essex portrays its mission to play a constructive role in public health training through Excellence in education and research, for the benefit of individuals and communities. Thrilled by this mission, I am confident that studying at this university will help me to improve my ability to identify and critique various country-level data sources for the burden of eye disease estimation as well as expand my networking opportunities in becoming part of a global community of researchers and policymakers.

Since the commencement of my career as an optometrist in 2017, at Murtala Muhammed Specialist Hospital Kano state, Nigeria, I have been actively involved in programs aimed at eliminating the avoidable cause of blindness and the Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) in the state. As a highly experienced optometrist, I have naturally become aware of the enormous impact of lifestyle and other avoidable causes of blindness on the ocular health of patients. This stirred my interest in preventative education and the general promotion of good health for all. The MSc Global Public Health builds on models of social determinants of health and international health concepts of policy-making at local, national, and international levels. I strongly believe that this program is right for me, knowing full well that the program aims at training professionals who will take up the responsibility of protecting health systems and strengthening health policies.

The unique works of the leading research fellow Prof Anuj Kapilashrami in global health and policy especially her research in studying Engaging Communities in decision making for benefit packages & attainment of Universal Health Coverage further stirred my interest to want to pursue a Master degree in Global Public Health at the University of Essex.

Shortly after completing the master's program, I see myself more engaged in improving the practice of public health and eye care policy in public-private sectors in Nigeria. It is my goal to be involved in work that advances policy making and implementation that will lead to more affordable, efficient, and user-friendly healthcare services. I believe the Master program in Global Public Health will allow me to obtain a clearer understanding of how to better develop and manage plans aimed at specific healthcare objectives for individuals, families and communities. I strongly believe the knowledge and exposure gained from the program will enable me to make key contributions to Nigeria's growing health sector.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,700 3784  
Oct 13, 2021   #2
This comes across.more as a cover or motivational letter. It does not contain the correct focus on the purpose for the studies. The content is only a summary of information pertaining to your background. This cannot be used as a proper statement of purpose. A more appropriate SOP must be developed.

This time, focus on your academic accomplishment or accomplishments that will prove your ability to be a stellar student in this course. What is the connection of Optometry to Global Public Health? How does the latter integrate itself into your previous course? How does the integration lend itself to your future career plans and national health management? How will the integration work?

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