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"a patient with post-traumatic stress disorder" Occupational Therapy Master's program

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Aug 25, 2011   #1
Statement for Admissions:
This is the roughdraft, just need some help on what I have so far!

On my third day of shadowing the Occupational Therapist she interviews a patient with post-traumatic stress disorder. The patient was experiencing high anxiety around others, agitation, and loss of interest in life and goals. The Occupational Therapist proceeds to evaluate the patient and helps them to set goals for their lives and developing strategies to achieve these goals. I had the opportunity to talk with the therapist after the interview and we discussed how the goal-setting technique is widely used in the field of occupational therapy and how it can help people gain independence through setting goals and reach their maximum potential which will lead to a better quality of life. I was also impressed at how the holistic approach (whole body), and motivation tool were used to help the patients succeed at their goals in life. This experience and my interaction with patients in various medical settings was the crucial factor in leading to my decision to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy studies.

As a member of the Air force I continue to gain invaluable experience, training, and education alongside multi-race and cultural community groups. As a military occupational therapist I hope to further develop the leadership and followership skills required to be a valuable healthcare team member. I plan on using my career as a occupational therapist to provide care and empathy to meet the challenging needs of our wounded warriors. Becoming an occupational therapist will also provide me the opportunity to further my knowledge in support of making OT a strong scientific and evidence based profession. As I continue to progress in school and maturity I hope to gain more knowledge in developmental and mental disabilities because I see how it affects many communities and different backgrounds. My niece has a developmental disability and I have made a lifelong commitment to understanding and helping her and many others enjoy a more independent, functional life.

I will be a great Occupational Therapist because I am driven, ambitious, determined, and committed to helping patients achieve their goals. From my past experiences in healthcare and qualifications, I believe that I will be great in the Occupational Therapy field because it parallels where I am going in my life and provides me the opportunity to be creative and have a positive impact or someone else's life. Just knowing that I can put a smile on my patient's face, putting their cares and concerns to rest, and providing answers to many challenging healthcare questions to help a person rehabilitate themselves are among the many reasons I will strive to be an effective Occupational Therapist. I am confident that I have chosen a profession that I am passionate about because this career path will provide me with something rewarding, challenging, inspiring, and the opportunity to do the most good and give back through service.

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