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PhD degree at computer vision

cagdask 1 / -  
Jan 12, 2011   #1
Although there had been lots of effort since Viola's and Jones's work, computer vision has not merely advanced. Computer Vision is the application field where science and reality intersects with fiction. Despite of endless challenges it involves, what would change human life Hands on experience in real time applications, accompanied by in-depth knowledge of the subject, would surely help me contribute to this field which is at its bleeding edge now. Therefore, I truly feel that the most natural way to justify my passion for Computer Vision is to pursue a PhD in Computer Science.

My undergraduate education is focused on subjects like algorithms and programming, computer structures. Lab applications helped me sharpen my analytical and programming skills, as well as providing deep understanding of hardware. It was dsp and microcontroller applications that particularly intrigued me. With a burning desire to know more about and design more with the concept, I had designed mobile equipment with GPRS module and Motorola's microcontroller which can take photographs and transmits them to a remote server on request. This design attracted particular attention of Mr. Senel, who later entrusted me to Satellite and Space Sciences Research Institute (SSSRI) at my senior year. Long hours in the lab, brainstorming sessions almost to point of frustration and testing times paid off , We developed a mobile ECG capture board with GPRS connectivity, to report patient's heart rhythm disorder.

Right after one year military service obligation, I worked at Vestel (which is the third OEM in the World and the largest TV manufacturer in Europe, The first and only Notebook manufacturer in Europe) as R&D application engineer of DVB projects. Vestel led me to gain great knowledge on MPEG and DVB standards as well as industrial discipline. Although working for Vestel is quite time consuming; I always believed practice must be built up with theory. For that reason, I decided to start graduate education.

It was end of my first year at Vestel when I started graduate education at Ege University for MS degree. Although my master thesis is about Wireless Sensor networks, I have taken many Image processing and AI courses, which had led me to develop various manufacturing tools for Vestel. Such as faulty assembled component detection tools and detectors for broken down seven segment displays. Even though there had been assistantship offers from Ege University, I had more chance to develop practical applications at Vestel.

I am deeply interested in contributing to research Computer Vision. My objective as a PhD student would be to surmount my logic and intelligence to develop systems that comprehend objects from images from one or more cameras as we, humans, do. A success in this will provide a framework for more intelligent electronic devices.

I want to gain deep knowledge and research theory which may have practical applications at this surreal field. It is the encouragement of your university's department of Computer Science, which has drawn me to apply here. UC Irvine offers a conducive environment for graduate studies which are suited for my research goals.

As a student exposed to a many difficult situations, never giving up and learning from every situation have been my best assets. Those will help me strive to the best of my abilities to exceed the high standards of the UC Irvine. I am excited and confident to make a significant contribution to the Department of Computer Science as a doctoral Student.

I look forward to being a part of UC Irvine as a graduate student.


EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Jan 13, 2011   #2
Although there had been lots

There have been lots. Don't forget that lots is still a plural noun, even though we use it to mean "much."

Here is another grammar problem: Computer Vision is the application field where science and reality intersects intersect...

the most natural way to justify my passion---You are not using these words to express things they actually express. Justify means something different than what you are using it to mean.

Despite of endless challenges it involves, what would change human life Hands on experience in real time applications, accompanied ... The H is incorrectly capitalized... and then the sentence became unclear. You should revise this one.

Actually, you should revise the whole intro paragraph. The rest of the essay is impressive and shows that you have a strong foundation for this process you are about to start. I just don't like the intro. In a case like this, the good thing to do is reread the rest of the essay, ask yourself what it all adds up to, and then write an INSPIRED intro.

I have a feeling you wrote the intro before the rest of the essay was written, and that is usually a bad idea. Whenever you start to write something, let it be a body paragraph. Always plan to write an intro afterward, when you already are familiar with your essay.


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