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'planning and management' SOP M.Sc Electrical Engineering in a Canadian University

Mehreen 1 / -  
Jun 25, 2012   #1
Here I am writing my SOP that I have written for Post graduate studies in A Canadian University. Please have a look. I look forward to suggestion for improving it.

"Pursuing M.Sc Electrical Engineering in this esteemed institute will help me become a better Professional Electrical Engineer and be instrumental in the realization of my ultimate goal of improving the standards of engineering in my country.

I have passed my B.Sc Electrical Engineering from the -------------------- in 1st division. -------- has to its credit the honor of being the oldest and most prestigious engineering school in Pakistan. I have been working as a professional engineer for almost three years. My practical experience in field of Electrical Engineering has broadened my horizons such that I now have a clearer vision of my future goals. One of which is to acquire formal qualification at master's level. My work experience after bachelor's degree has provided me with ample knowledge, skills and confidence that will enable me to become a qualified engineer by utilizing my education and work experience. I am highly impressed with the advances in telecommunication industry particularly in Wireless communication. Being a professional engineer, I want to develop skills and knowledge required for a better career in this industry.

My passion for Electrical Engineering started at an early age when I saw my father and later my sister as Electrical Engineers. I was always inspired by the concepts of physics and mathematics which persuaded me to study Electrical Engineering in undergraduate. I maintained first class academic standing throughout my educational career. I was among the top students of my class.

As part of my undergraduate studies, I loved digital communications, digital signal processing and wireless systems the most and my fascination with these areas motivated me to seek extracurricular training courses on GSM infrastructure and Radio Network Optimization. In my final year project titled 'Channel Estimation Algorithms for MISO OFDM Systems' I utilized the concepts of digital communications and DSP to implement different channel estimation schemes in time and frequency domain. I worked in OFDM environment for multipath Rayleigh fading channel to make a comparison of different channel estimation algorithms. Multi Input Single Output (MISO) system was used to carry out the study. Spatial antenna diversity at transmitter end was achieved by making use of Alamouti scheme (2x1). Packet Error Rate (PER) curves were drawn giving clear picture of the best estimation scheme which was Minimum Mean Square Error Estimation Scheme (MMSE). Packet Error Rate curves for several other estimation schemes were also drawn namely Least Square (LS), Conventional DFT based Estimation and Advanced DFT based Estimation. Project included MISO OFDM system simulations in MATLAB and the estimation algorithms were implemented for multipath Rayleigh fading channel environment in Visual C.

Because of major recent developments, Telecommunications engineering has become most popular amongst other electrical engineering disciplines. I am very much interested in working in Wireless Communication systems. I intend to strengthen my skills particularly in optimal network design, network management and network security of modern Wireless communication networks. I am extremely interested in studying about beyond 3G/4G/5G Wireless Technologies. For that I look forward to learn about Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) OFDM systems. Methods to reduce OFDM systems Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) of the transmitter are of utmost importance for its efficient use in Wireless Systems. Cognitive Radios are another field which inspires me the most due to its productivity in Cellular Communication. In my professional experience in a cellular communication I have worked on deployment of Software Defined Radios (SDR). Currently I am working as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Telecommunication Engineer where I am responsible for the design of wireless and wired communication systems. My study and research in Wireless communication will help me to use

My country is still in the process of deploying 3G and 4G systems in cellular communications. This has created the requirement of qualified telecommunication Engineers who are well aware of all the advances and research in this field. With the amalgamation of communication and power systems such as Smart Power Electrical Grids around the globe, having a specialized knowledge in telecommunication systems (both hardware and software) has become significant. University of --- will provide me the platform to develop these specialized technological and competitive skills. It will also provide me the opportunity to develop an understanding of fundamentals for planning and management of advanced telecom networks along with the mathematical and computational skills necessary to solve real life technical problems."
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Jun 27, 2012   #2
What most of the universities expect from SOP is that student's explaination on extenuating circumstances that could add value to their applications. Of course you should tell them unique aspects of your academic background or valued experiences you have had that relate to your academic discipline. However, you should not let them feel that your SOP is just a listing or a record of your academic accomplishments or experiences. In other words SOP gives you the opportunity to talk to the admission committee directly to let them know more aobut you as a person. So this is the opportunity for you to provide them with the information that your transcripts or other application information cannot convey.

So, I think you should change the structure of your SOP and talk about your credentials in later parts of it. You can have ideas by reading the SOPs of other forum members here. Present it in a more interesting manner to grab the attention of the admission committee to judge you as an individual.


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