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Power for all, sustainable energy is the way to go! Motivation letter for masters at TU Eindhoven

Chandramouli 1 / -  
Jan 20, 2016   #1
Having witnessed first-hand the power crisis that deterred millions from having a normal and comfortable life, I was always highly determined to come up with a solution to the energy crisis in India since my high school days. With this grit and my interest in mathematics and physics, I was convinced that Mechanical Engineering would be the ideal choice for my undergraduate studies. After gaining good fundamentals on mechanical sciences in the first two years, I streamlined my electives in this accord. In the third year of my study, Power plant engineering, an elective, gave me good exposure to sustainable energy practices and the importance of proper energy management and policies. At the same time, to present my ideas in "Bosch Inscribe", a contest organized by Robert Bosch Ltd. under the topic "A sustainable model of a charging system for hybrid electric vehicles" which was a feasibility and impact study on the use of wind turbines in urban areas in a charging station for hybrid electric vehicles. Participating in many such forums under the sustainability umbrella, I surveyed stupendous literature on the existing energy technology and market in India. A culmination of these experiences and my resoluteness to address the energy crisis made me realize that resorting further to conventional sources of energy was a myopic solution to the energy challenges in India and the potential of renewable energy as a sustainable solution. Eventually, I did my bachelor thesis on the topic "Numerical Analysis of a small scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine" (VAWT), which was a numerical study using CFD on the effect of two parameters - blade pitch and cross-section profile, independently on the performance of a VAWT. The CFD analysis was done using a commercial code ANSYS CFX v13 for three pitch angles, seven tip speed ratios and three wind velocities. Of these, the pitch angle of -6o was found to give the better performance for all tip speed ratios and velocities. The aerofoils study was done on the aerofoils S 822, DF-102 and FX 63-137 for four tip speed ratios and two wind velocities. Of these three aerofoils, the S 822 was found to be better performing at higher tip speed ratios. An excerpt of the thesis was published as a research paper in the International Journal of Renewable Energy and Research (IJRER) under the title "Numerical Analysis of Effect of Pitch Angle on a Small Scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine".

M K Gandhi's words,
"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children",
have had a great impact on me. As someone wanting back to give the future what I have enjoyed, I have always felt saving the planet for posterity's sake, advancing economic growth and achieving a good global living standard are all the same fight, to address which ensuring sustainable energy methods is central. It is my career goal to be an eminent part in the technical wing of an organization developing efficient renewable energy systems and proactively join the fight in the technological front, especially in my part of the world. India, though blessed with natural resources of both sun and wind, lacks the technology & proper policies for sustainable energy to become prevalent. Eindhoven University of Technology, always having been the forerunner of all technical research in sustainable energy, has been my prime choice for higher education to equip myself with the technical knowledge and exposure to tools necessary to achieve the same. I am very confident that TU/e's Master's program in Sustainable Energy Technology, being highly interdisciplinary, having pragmatic research motives and an International study environment is an opportunity I would put to best use in pursuing my zeal by producing work that stand tall as the university standards .

During the master's program at TU/e, I would like to work on decentralized energy management techniques for both urban and rural areas and gain insights on the existing energy market and policies necessary for a conducive market to facilitate effective penetration. Prof. Elphi Nelissen's research theme on Urban Energy at TU/e, with a goal of having maximised sustainable energy in the urban scenario and focus on environmental quality, is a potential match along the lines of my interest. This and many other ongoing research activities under the same umbrella are opportunities I am earnestly looking forward to pursue top-notch research.

In the past one year and three months that I have been working at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions India Ltd (RBEI) as an Associate Design Engineer, I have gained a good amount of professional experience. Apart from the technical knowledge gained in the design of energy efficient hydraulic pumps, I have also had exposure to basics of integrated product development tools like Design Review Based On Failure Mode (DRBFM) and Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA). In addition, subtle Bosch values like importance of quality in work done, team playing, process adherence, and interpersonal communication, which are stressed, regularly in my organization have helped me perform well at work and enhanced my life skills.

I bring with me good technical, analytical abilities and professional experience in an International organization. I would like to take with me, a further sophisticated knowledge on sustainable energy technologies and in addition, a network of strong relationships from the International environment at TU/e. I am aware that a lot of hard work, dedication and critical thinking would be required of me. I am, at the same time backed by the knowledge gained from my undergraduate studies at Amrita University, one of the premier universities in the country, confident of meeting the university standards and highly motivated to commit to deliver my fullest, to the benefit of both the university and myself.

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Jan 23, 2016   #2
Final paragraph

- I bring with me good technical expertise ,
- I would like to take with me,My take out will be a further sophisticated
- and in addition,to a network of strong relationships
- I am, at the same time backed by theArmed with knowledge gained from

I hope my remarks and corrections helps.
I also like the fact that you were able to incorporate your thoughts on
how your previous university will help you as well as your next home
institution will benefit from your contributions.
I wish you the best of luck and keep writing in order to continue enhancing your writing skills,
this will not only help you in coming up with a good essay but will also familiarize you
with different strategies on writing..

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