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Professionalism - Docterate of Physical Therapy Application Essay for PTCAS

Sep 12, 2017   #1
Topic: What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program?

demonstration of core values

In the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapy degree program, professionalism is the ability of an individual to demonstrate core values on a regular basis in their practice. According to American Physical Therapy Association, professionalism in physical therapy entails the application of seven core values that guide the practice of physical therapists, including the principles of accountability, excellence, integrity, professional duty, altruism, compassion/caring, and social responsibility. These principles help a student to be able to work with their peers in order to achieve the best in this field. A student in a doctor of physical therapy degree program should, therefore, embrace these principles to be able to promote optimal health and wellness of communities they will serve once they start working as physical therapists.

Accountability as a core professionalism value is the tendency for a student in a doctor of physical therapy degree program to accept responsibility for a wide spectrum of obligations and roles that come alongside this course. It also requires an individual to engage in self-regulation to influence others positively. As regards altruism, this is the tendency for a student to prioritize the needs of the patient by being able to provide services to underrepresented populations while compassion requires individuals to demonstrate that they care for others. Integrity is also an important professionalism core value and requires individuals to abide by the regulations and rules applicable to this profession. Besides, professional duty as a core value of this profession is the commitment an individual makes towards providing effective services and contribute effectively to the well-being of communities and societies. Conversely, social responsibility requires a student in a doctor of physical therapy degree program to build trust with the members of public they serve by providing societal health needs. This is achieved through engaging in collaborative partnerships with their peers and the public.

I have successfully demonstrated these core values as part of my experience in physical therapy. During my volunteer program at Kessler Rehabilitation Center, I worked in an outpatient clinic where I helped patients that had various injuries, arthritis and low-back pain reduce pain and improve their mobility. In this context, I demonstrated a high level of integrity by respecting and adhering to all rules and regulations of this profession. I was motivated by the desire to provide effective physical therapy services and contribute effectively to the well-being of the patients I dealt with by making it my personal commitment to help them go on with their daily activities. I also demonstrated accountability by accepting all responsibility for various obligations and roles I was given by my supervisor. In this way, I was able to have an amazing experience regarding physical therapy. I am passionate about physical therapy and caring for patients by ensuring that they engage in physical activities as a way of achieving rehabilitation and ultimately well-being. To me physical therapy is such a rewarding career because as a therapist you connect and develop strong therapist-patient relationships that motivate you to comfort the patient's pain through rehabilitation exercises. Furthermore, as therapy continues you get to witness the patient's progress. The most rewarding part of this career is the realization that you assisted the patient in their time of need and helped them improve mobility and mitigate pain.

I still look forward to demonstrating most of these core values as a student a doctor of physical therapy degree program. I believe that I can only demonstrate professionalism by making it my responsibility to abide by these core values to guide my practice in physical therapy. I also understand that it is my professional duty to work towards providing effective services and contribute effectively to the well-being of communities. Overall, it is my responsibility to build trust with the members of public I serve by engaging in collaborative partnerships with my peers and the public to provide societal health needs. With this in mind it is my goal to gain admission to an institution that provides me with the knowledge and tools to become the best possible physical therapist as possible.

I was not sure what type of essay I should write the prompt is pretty confusing and does not seem like a personal statement response. How should I go about editing this essay? Thank you.
Holt [Contributor] 1506  
Sep 12, 2017   #2
Arslan, you can approach this essay from any angle. You may discuss your definition of professionalism coming from either a textbook definition or a personal experience. I would not advice you to use both though as there could be a tendency to suddenly change the tone of your writing from personal to academic, which would not create a fluid reading experience from the reviewer. From the looks of this essay, it would appear that you are using a textbook definition at the start. This has a mechanical and not so interesting tone to it. However, when you discuss professionalism in the context of your previous job, your essay comes to life and animatedly depicts how you embody the core values of professionalism in your professional life. That is exactly what this essay requires and, I would advise you to continue building the definition based upon that presentation. Try to expand your personal definition of the core values by discussing actual events that show you in action as embodying that definition. That would create a stronger and more memorable presentation of your definition.
Sep 12, 2017   #3

Hi Arslan, I saw we are doing the same thing! Id be happy to review your essay if you wanna take a look at mine as well! We took different approaches to the essay prompt! I like your essay but i would agree with what Holt said, I think adding more personal experiences would help strengthen your essay. Also a lot of essays talk about how the APTA has defined Professionalism, i think you could delete this part and just state how you define it because they already know how they define it. It docent need to be included and takes up valuable characters in your essay! Hope this helps, if you need anymore help let me know! I know this is a stressful process I'm hoping to submit all my applications by the end of the week!

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