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PA program application - 'Growing up poor in the Dominican Republic'

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Sep 14, 2011   #1
In the report for USAID from the American People about the Dominican Republic for the decade ending in 2009, it says: "Maternal mortality rates are among the highest in Latin America. Vaccination rates at the provincial level vary between 90% in urban areas to 45% in rural areas. Infectious diseases continue to be worrisome given significant opportunities for cross-border transmission with Haiti. 64%, the country continues to struggle with a high adolescent pregnancy rate (30%) and a high incidence of HIV transmission, particularly among youth. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS has become an economic as well as a health issue".

Growing up poor in the Dominican Republic and under such conditions has its advantages after all. The desire to achieve personal growth that translates into having the opportunity to help others led me to into the medical field. There is not a better human emotion than to use the resources at hand to help better one's community.

The first step to my journey begins in 2001 when I finally graduated as Medical Assistant and began to have first hand direct experience into what it means to have a direct impact in people's lives and their well being. While other's preference leaned towards the clerical work, my passion was to deal with the patients by setting up sterile fields, surgery trays, suction and cut sutures, and anything else that involved the direct impact of the patients well being.

While I was a medical assistant I became pregnant. A simple ultrasound sound and a few questions later out of curiosity triggered my desire to take another step into the medical field and venture into the Ultrasound Technician world. The first beat, the first sight, the right measurement, all things that a simple ultrasound test could help save many lives in wherever there is a mother in need.

After a few bumps on the road, a real state sales job to make ends meet and have the schedule flexibility to continue on and get the city Ultrasound Certification, I finally got it. At this point, each experience became more interesting and my curiosity and desire to learn more and I enrolled in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital of New York and Westchester OB-GYN Center to learn about cancer and kidney transplant cases with Doppler and regular abdominal and vascular studies in the ICU unit. In addition to that, I also participated in all sterile procedures I could possibly be part of, thyroid biopsies and needle aspirations for over a year.

One of the doctors there recommended me I further and diversify my fields and advised me to become ARDMS licensed, which I eventually did. Te longest 1,950 hours of anybody's life. Hands on sonographic physics and instrumentation, abdomen and body parts, and gray scale and color flow Doppler sonograph's exposure, helped feed an always inquisitive mind. A desire that started out of need.

Mercy College became that other step in the long latter of my journey. Incorporating previous knowledge from biologic science while integrating social and economic factors in order to deliver comprehensive medical care became my mission at Mercy.

My application to the PA Program is the zenith but not the end of my professional journey. Being accepted in the program will allow me to fulfill a longstanding dream and enable me to be a venue to help the people who need it the most. More than a dream, it's a necessity. It's a necessity that drives me to overcome everyday and unique obstacles in order to accomplish my lifelong goal: "If you never want to work a day in your life, do something you love".

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