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Program of study essay - any general guidelines and structure?

dormilona 1 / 1  
Oct 8, 2008   #1
Dear all,

I have a question on what should be included in a program of study essay (length cannot exceed 500 words). What is a typical structure? Are there any general guidelines?

Thank you very much in advance!

EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Oct 8, 2008   #2
Good afternoon.

It sounds like the institution you are applying to is trying to see what your goals are for your education as well as your future in order to properly align you with an area of study that will benefit you the most. For instance, if you want to do environmental research, they want to make sure you get in a program that will be of the most use for you.

You need to discuss your research interest here. What do you want to research? Why? How do you intend on using your data? What are your plans in this field? All of these things are important to include in this type of essay.

I hope this helps you get started.

Moderator, EssayForum.com
vithek - / 1  
Oct 18, 2008   #3
Dear Dinara,

Are u applying for IREX Muskie for this year? I do also interesting in Program of study essay, we can contact by e-mail.
Please write me to vithek@mail.ru
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Oct 18, 2008   #4
Good evening.

I hope the two of you have great success working together.

Moderator, EssayForum.com
OP dormilona 1 / 1  
Nov 26, 2009   #5
Sorry for a really late reply, Gloria.

Thank you very much for your answer. I really appreciated it.

Best regards,
mimmy15 - / 1  
Dec 2, 2010   #6
Desirable characteristics of essay (tax, benefits, purpose) - how to continue?

i am writing an essay on desirable characteristics of essay.i have described tax, benefits,and its purpose,but i dont know how to continue from here. the essay is about 4500 words. i just dont want to put down anything.
melkorthefoul 13 / 31  
Dec 3, 2010   #7
Er... I'm not sure what your essay topic is. Could you please elaborate?
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 16, 2010   #8
characteristics of essay

The characteristics of an essay are a thesis statement, topic sentences, transition sentences, evidence, clarity, and so forth.

I don't understand what tax has to do with an essay.

I agree with Varchas: please elaborate! :-)

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